Green drinks, once again (Martian Manhunter, Mole Man)

Oh my… green superhero/villain cocktails… how many I’ve designed? Killer CrocJokerBaneRiddlerPoison IvyGreen LanternSwamp ThingHulkGreen ArrowDr. OctopusNamorJack O’Lantern… and now two more… and there’ll be more…

But as long as they are different cocktails with unique taste it’s okay, I guess ;P




Designing beer cocktails is a huge challenge! Surprisingly your average lager doesn’t blend well with anything, mixing it with this-and-that arouses beer hidden bitterness, in undesired way. Of course there are good beer cocktail recipes, but to invite your own, something new… well, if I would be scared of challenges, I would not write this blog, would I?

My only beer cocktail so far is Sinestro, but that’s about to change, starting with Martian Manhunter right now…

-lager (I used Heineken)

-Green Chartreuse (10-25% of total lager used)

-Blue Curacao (for colour)


Build the drink into suitable tall highball/beer glass. Final measurements are up to each individual’s taste, but per standard beer can (330ml or 11.2 oz) I used around 5 cl (2 oz) of Green Chartreuse and about dozen drops of Tabasco; you don’t need much Blue Curacao to turn the drink green (careful, or you’ll end up with blue-ish drink).

Ice cubes and red straw are optional, understandably some people shun them in beer cocktails.

The Big Idea behind the drink… green, as J’onn J’onzz, of course. Chartreuse gives lager “structure”, turns it into actual cocktail (and adds alcohol content, be warned). Tabasco, combined with Chartreuse, introduces the bitter memory of Mars.

Next time I’ll publish more beer cocktails, but before that…




Harvey Rupert Elder has pretty virulent and resentful disposition, which is represented with fiery ginger.

-4 parts ginger rum

-4 parts Pisang Ambon

-1 part cream

-1 part simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass, add some ice.

To produce ginger rum: add 1 teaspoon of ground ginger into 1dl (3 1/3 oz) of dark rum, little stir. Filter after 15 minutes.

About ginger rum… I’ve been using it too much in my recipes. In Ghost RiderThing and Flame On! and for the first time in Wonder Woman and Flash. I like it, all right, but I should keep in mind that not everyone shares my passion for fiery ginger.

It’s time to say good bye for a week or so. And as I promised, next time I’ll publish couple of beer cocktails… two characters that I feel are best described through beer… Thor and Wolverine.


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