Beer Cocktails (Thor, Wolverine)

Last time I promised to publish couple of beer cocktails, so here we go…




First, when I started to ponder the concept of Thor’s cocktail, I was thinking about Scandinavian ingredients: aquavit, possibly salmiac… but let’s face it: this blog has readers (I’m happy to say) all over the globe, and only handful of them has access to Nordic specialty, salmiac (ammonium chloride). It tastes great, and I used it in my second Wonder Woman version but it’s better to leave it there.

And then, aquavit… with it’s strong caraway aroma it’s best enjoyed as it traditionally is: well freezed, as schnapps before the meal (and/or maybe multiple schnappses during a meal ;P ).

Then I started thinking something more “viking”… and what are they drinking in the Great Halls of Valhalla? Strong mead, of course! So here we go…

-3 parts cold lager

-2 parts cold sweet red vermouth (I used Tosti Rosso)

Build the drink into suitable glass (finally I found decent use for that tankard made out of cow’s horn!). Adding Ice is optional.

Enjoy it next to roaring fire, eating lots of red meat and singing songs for fallen heroes ;P

BE WARNED: This “mead” sure isn’t for everyone (and I mean it: some people love it, some people hate it)… but only the Bravest Warriors make it to Valhalla. And speaking of brave warriors…

EDIT: another version of Thor here.



Logan doesn’t drink fancy cocktails, that’s for sure… but I find “a glass of beer and a shot of whisky” as “Wolverine The Cocktail” a bit lazy solution. A little more effort…

-3 parts cold lager

-1 part cold Lillet Blanc

Build the drink into biggest and baddest beer tankard you can find. Adding ice is optional.

So… my vision for Wolverine’s drink is beer, simple and plain, but Lillet adds that distinctive “spice-and-quinine”-taste, giving the drink Logan’s bitter character.

Also… this recipe is part of my ongoing quest for finding different uses for Lillet Blanc. First I bought it to try Vesper and French Intervention. They’re both great, but there’s a problem… opened Lillet bottle lasts for about two weeks in a fridge before the taste starts to turn, well, not-so-good. Lillet, straight up or even with ice, is way too sweet for my taste and it’s impossible (except for hardcore drunk) to finish the bottle under two weeks, using it only for Vespers and Interventions.

So, I developed Bumblebee, Wasp and Namor… and now there’s Wolverine. Let me be clear about this: Lillet Blanc is great alcohol drink, not just something to be disposed of after enjoying Vesper and French Intervention. Check out the Lillet’s website for more recipes.

EDIT: another version of Wolverine here.

Next time we’ll return to “normal” cocktails, no more beer. Take care!


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