Thunderbolts… and Halloween (Techno, Baron Zemo revisited, plus Barracuda and Jigsaw)

All sorts of stuff going to be published today, better get started right away…


4 parts Suze

3 parts Licor 43

2 parts vodka

1 parts Kahlúa

Stir with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with plenty of ice in it.

I was in the dead end with Techno/Fixer… there had to be some sort of “technical” taste in the drink, but I just couldn’t come up with any which I hadn’t used already…

And then Test Subject P. came to the rescue! He’s been visiting France, and he brought “a bottle of something, I don’t know what it actually is.” Well, it was a bottle of Suze: I know it’s not very rare alcohol or anything, but you can’t get it in Finland (for some reason)… and it turned out to be The Techno-Element I was looking for!

The bitterness of Suze, combined with mishmash of Licor 43… we’ll even throw in some Kahlúa, but then we need some vodka to cut down the sweetness.

Techno was my first cocktail utilizing Suze, but it sure won’t be the last 🙂


I just wanted to point out that Baron Zemo can be created with rowanberry vodka instead of Bayou Pink; it will not taste the same, but something similar.

And now I’ve created enough Thunderbolts cocktails for compilation… which is not ready at the moment. I’ll update it to recipes and downloads in the near future.

It’s Halloween next weekened, and I haven’t been thinking about any monstrous villains worthy of their own cocktails… or well, yes I have…

I’ve been reading a lot of Punisher MAX lately, and once again, as I pondered with my first take on Punisher… “which one is more frightful: demons and ghosts an such, or absolutely stone cold killer? And how about those insane animals the said killer is going to put out; so grotesque and horrible Marvel publishes them under the MAX-label?”

So, here we go…

Those are actual tools I use in the forest; I’m aware they look pretty grim, which makes them
perfect for this pic!


1 part bourbon

1 part Suze

1 part Strega

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass filled with ice.

I admit: I just love Barracuda. Hideous sociopath who just keeps on coming, even after his fingers are chopped and his teeth are knocked out and testicles electrocuted and nose destroyed with pliers and what on earth Punisher did to put that mad dog down… But the dude also has some sort of human side in him.

Usually Punisher MAX villains are brutal beyond good taste, one psycho after another… but Barracuda was an exception: kinda felt bad when Castle finally managed to kill him.

So, Barracuda’s namesake drink… a bunch of “violent” ingredients, which – when combined – create a stiff drink… but it still has a slight touch of gentleness in it.


3 parts rowanberry vodka

1 part gold tequila

two drops (no more) of Worchestershire sauce

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Well, this is brutal… but so is Jigsaw. I really don’t know to whom I’ll recommend this, but I guess there’s always room for “I dare you”-shots in the parties… especially in Halloween parties.

But, about the taste… there was actually some real development here, I just didn’t throw in sharp-tasting alcohols. Rowanberry and tequila sure are a lethal combo, I just gotta cut it down with something… but sweetness would be sort of out-of-place kindness in the namesake drink of Jigsaw.

Worchester sauce does it, without giving too much mercy and at the same time adding a “carnal” feel for the shot… as did the bouillon in my first version of Sabretooth

…but it seems I’m the only one in the world who likes that Sabretooth cocktail, I ended up designing another one without bouillon… so, just two drops of the sauce, no more!


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