I am The Law! (Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson… and mocktails)

I compiled all mocktail recipes so far into one PDF, please check it out in Recipes and downloads.

Last time I promised more highballs, and so be it. But this time I’m going to introduce a highball which is not “easy”: actually, it’s quite a challenge to drink!




BE WARNED: this drink will not have many friends… but neither does Dredd ;P

Judge Dredd’s abrupt and unforgiving personality is represented with good ol’ Ginger Rum. Yes, the same we used in Wonder Woman (Golden Lasso), The FlashThe Thing (Clobbering Time)Ghost Rider and Mole Man.

It’s easy: dump 1 teaspoon of ground ginger into 1 dl (3 3/4 oz) of dark rum. Let it soak for 15 minutes, filter. It’s unpalatable as it is, way too fiery, but it’s meant for cocktails.

1 part ginger rum

1 part red wine

1 part Coca-Cola

Build into highball glass, add ice. Absolutely no garnish at all.

So, in addition to challenging taste it’s also insanely strong for a highball?

Yes, it is! Fiery ginger for destructive capacity of Dredd’s arsenal; red wine’s acridity for grumpy disposition; Coke to give suitable dark colour and little relief for drinker; overall high alcohol content to smash you in the head like Megacity’s justice system…

“Citizen, remember that drunk and disorderly is a criminal offence: 8 months in an Iso-Cube. Have a nice day. ” 😀




I admit: Judge Dredd is pretty harsh for a cocktail. Let me redeem myself with this tasty frappé.

Prepare a frappé by cooling down suitable small glasses in the freezer beforehand. Fill the glasses with shaven/crushed ice, then quickly prepare the drink:

1 part ginger rum (as in Judge Dredd)

1 part Kahlúa

Shake with ice until glacial cold, strain into glass. Serve with straw.

If you prefer sweeter version, use 1 part ginger rum and 2 parts Kahlúa. Anyway: Judge Anderson is a Megacity Judge, hence same ginger rum as in Judge Dredd… but she is not as blunt as Dredd, AND she is a telepath: that’s why we’ll use Kahlúa to create “mystic” feeling, and also to turn the drink sweet.


Time for today’s mocktails!




Remember Mr. Freeze? It still tastes great without any alcohol!

4 parts lime juice

6 parts simple syrup

8 parts cream

1 to 2 parts blue grenadine

Rim suitable glass with blue grenadine and sugar, and fill it with crushed ice. Shake ingredients with ice and strain into glass.




I’ve designed two Poison Ivy cocktails: they’re completely different, reflecting different sides of the character. Shall her mocktail be an avalanche of plants!

Fill suitable glass with cucumber wheels (or long strips, your call) and mint sprigs, add crushed ice.

Mash mint, cucumber and Rose’s Lime Cordial (or simple syrup and lime juice) with suitable pestle to create green “Poison Ivy Elixir”.

1 part Poison Ivy Elixir

3 to 5 parts non-alcoholic sparkling wine, pear lemonade (Finnish readers: Pommac) or sparkling water

Stir with ice and strain into glass.

Pear lemonade creates nice drink, though sparkling wine gives “more royal” aroma. Sparkling water results in pretty harsh drink, but I like it: “raw” taste retains its brutal appeal to the end of the glass.


That’s all, folks. See you next time… which is going to be after Midsummer’s Eve. So…



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