Kiss of Death (Poison Ivy)

Poison Ivy is one of my favourite Bat-villains, that’s why she deserves not just one but two cocktails bearing her name.


Poison Ivy3


Poison Ivy’s lipstick tastes like this.

-6 parts extra dry Martini

-2 parts Luxardo Maraschino

-2 parts Kirschwasser

-2 parts lime juice

-1 part creme de menthe

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass decorated with some suitable plastic plants.

The colour is pale green, if you prefer a bit more deeper green use 2 parts of creme de menthe.

Drink reeks pretty intoxicating, thanks to Kirschwasser, and that’s the point. If you want to introduce floral element, carefully add few drops of Parfait Amour after pouring the drink into the glass.


“Poison Ivy” is meant to be demonstration of her powers when she is attacking outright, in plain sight. Next one is more subtle, more seducing…


Pamela 3


-1 part dark rum (Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve recommended)

-2 parts blueberry juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into highball glass with some ice.

The choice of blueberry juice is the key to success. I use high quality concentrate made without additives, diluted with water 1-1 instead of recommended 1-3. Once again I used my friends as test subjects, didn’t tell them what juice I was using… if you choose the right brands people recognize the berry flavour but can’t figure out what berry exactly… natural sweetness of berries blends with dark rum’s “sting”… the result is a nice highball drink. Simple to make,  yet the intriguing taste makes you crave one more… just like men who want one more kiss from Pamela Isley…


That’s all, folks. One cocktail with strong kirsch taste, and one highball drink rich in berries; next time something else.


8 thoughts on “Kiss of Death (Poison Ivy)”

  1. Although being sceptical at first, these both were SUPER! Dry Martini isn’t my favourite, and yet Poison Ivy was delicious. Funky, yes, but definitely delicious. And Pamela… Well, even better! Sweet and seductive for sure. Two very different cocktails to honour a complex vixen. Me like! 😀


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