Reptiles (Killer Croc)

We’ve survived New Year’s celebration, now it’s time to check out some sour cocktails for a change.



First of all… I resent modern Killer Croc: frenzied mutant rampaging around, how imaginative. On the contrary, I loved the character when he first came around in the 80’s. I dedicate this drink to Old School Waylon Jones, freak of nature to be both feared and pitied, solemn outcast suffering from occasional violent outbursts… but I’ll hope folks drinking this won’t go to violent drunken rampage!

-3 cl (1 oz) gin

-3 cl Midori

-2 cl (3/4 oz) lime juice

-1 cl (1/3 oz) green Chartreuse

-1 egg white

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Remember: as usual, when adding egg white to alcohol it’s best to put it in last, just before you’re starting to shake. There’s a remote chance of egg white “boiling” if it’s left floating in alcohol for a prolonged period (i.e. while you’re measuring ingredients).

Try different ratios between gin and Midori, for example 2-4 or 4-2…  While results are surprisingly different, I can’t say which one is my personal favourite.


No more superhero cocktails this time (but hang on to that Chartreuse bottle, we’ll inspect it more later on) but I would like to bring to your attention an excellent cocktail recipe I happened to stumble upon.

I guess you already know Japanese Slipper? It’s kinda delightful, but let’s face it: charm soon wears out. I think it’s too sweet, lacks “The Kick” and gets boring before you’ve finished the glass. So… enter Crocodile.



-2 parts vodka

-1 part Triple Sec

-1 part Midori

-2 parts lemon juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

I think Crocodile is the best Japanese Slipper variant around, although I understand if someone winces while trying to cope with s-o-u-r aroma.

And there’s variant of a variant… I like dry vermouth, but in my opinion it doesn’t fill its purpose in Alligator. Anyway, maybe you would like to try it out.



-4 parts vodka

-2 parts Midori

-1 part dry vermouth

-dash of lemon juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.


Okay, that’s it. See you in a week or so.


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