Fiery Ginger (Wonder Woman, The Flash)

If you don’t like ginger you might as well skip this post altogether.

We’ll start with familiar soaking process, using dark rum and ground ginger. “What? Ground ginger, not chopped ginger root since it has more flavour?” Surprisingly you get the same result with a pinch of ground ginger as with a mountain of chopped root when you soak them in alcohol… so it’s better to save more expensive root for cooking etc. We’re not looking for subtle aromas here, just raw and fiery ginger explosion, so we’re using cheaper ground spice.

Use brimful teaspoon of ginger per 1 dl (3 1/3 oz) of dark rum… don’t use your best vintage here, cheap rum is okay (I use Rum Negrita). Let it soak for 15-30 min and filter: that might turn out to be little tricky, since soaked ginger-mud tends to clog e.g. paper coffee filters.

The result is unpalatable ginger-rum (unless you’re a VERY BIG fan of ginger) but trust me: that vile broth transforms into beautiful cocktails. Actually I use tablespoon instead of teaspoon to measure ginger when preparing these cocktails for myself… but I don’t want to freak you out, start with teaspoon and work your way up if necessary.




This cocktail isn’t that potent, but I guess you’ll start babbling truth about your mother-in-law etc. if you slurp half of dozen of them…you might even confess you think of Wonder Woman every night before you drift to sleep… I don’t, of course not, but someone might…

-2 parts ginger-rum

-2 parts apple juice

-1 part simple syrup

-1 part lime juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. You might want to use some “wonderwomanish” garnish, but I didn’t have anything applicable at hand.




I advice against knocking these back as quickly as Flash would, result would be a very short evening.

-2 parts ginger-rum

-1 part lime juice

-1 part red grenadine

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into old fashioned glass. Add some ice.


Those were my suggestions for using ginger in cocktails. If you got inspired and invent something nice please let me know.

Always looking for a excuse to sip cocktails… St. Patrick’s Day is closing, so I guess next time I have to introduce something green. Well, I’ve done more than my fair share with green drinks – Venom, Killing Joke, Killer Croc – but I’ll do one more to honour Erin’s Isle… and it’s the taste, not the colour, that counts.


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