St. Patrick’s Day (Riddler and Superman v.2)

I don’t pretend to be Irish, but St. Pat’s sure is one nice day to celebrate. I know the celebration is supposed to be much more than just drinking and pissing in the street corner while wearing that stupid leprechaun hat, but I dare to introduce couple of recipes for you to enjoy… because let’s face it: many people drink at least that one glass on March 17th.

Of course choice #1 to drink would be beer and/or whiskey, Guinness and Jameson and so on… That’s why I don’t use them in these recipes, to give you an alternative. World is full of whiskey cocktails inspired by St. Pat, many versions of “Shamrock” for example, but somehow I find Irish countryside so solemn, beautiful but kind of somber… It calls for something harsh, something bitter…

Elokuu2014 008

Yes, it’s a cliché to photograph sheep in Ireland, but I did it (and on the trip before this one, and before that…). But while gazing this landscape I’m thinking Green Chartreuse, once again. If you’ve tried my previous recipes, you’ll have the bottle lying there somewhere.

This time we’re doing frappés. They’re great Escape Route: you have some hideous liqueur nobody likes? Well, shave some ice and pour it in, suddenly everyone loves it. They’re The Omelette of the Cocktail World, leftovers prepared the right way are #1. Of course these two frappés are not made out of leftovers, I actually tested many versions to get them just right.

Usually frappés are made with ice mushed in blender… I think it melts too quickly, your only option is to drink it fast before the drink turns into watered-down sludge. Instead of blender I use ice crusher, the kind of you crank by hand. And instead of shot glass usually used for frappés I pour my concotions into slightly bigger glass, for example in pictures below I used 1dl (3 1/2 oz) tequila glass. It’s made out of very thick glass, which means it stays cold for a long time when take them out of freezer…  so you have a choice with your frappé: you can just suck it down quickly, or you can savor it for a moment.




Well, it’s green! I don’t know if there’s anything mysterious in this one, but I think it’s refreshing.

Put suitable glass beforehand in freezer to cool them down, cold as possible.

-1 part Green Chartreuse

-1 part Creme de Menthe

-1 part Triple Sec

-1 part lime juice

Shake ingredients with ice and pour into glass filled with crushed/blended ice. Green straw, green cocktail cherry with green pick… green, green, green. If you want to forget about Riddler and feel more Irish stick shamrock somewhere in there.


Elokuu2014 007

Talking about Green… Ireland’s forests are truly beautiful. But let’s stay in topic and move on to our next recipe…




Kal-El was the last Kryptonian alive… until General Zod and kwazillions of other survivors flooded to Earth to take the edge out of that story *sigh*… But here it is, Last Son of Krypton:  powerful and kind of sweet with a bitter memory of long lost home planet.

Once again, freeze glasses beforehand.

-1 part Blue Curacao

-1 part Green Chartreuse

Shake ingredients with ice and pour into glass filled with crushed/blended ice. The straw, and cherry+pick should be red and yellow, of course.


Elokuu2014 031

One more pic from Erin’s Island… sorry, can’t help it: it’s such a nice place!

Getting sick of the Green already? I hope not, because next time we’ll get intoxicated by Poison Ivy… two different versions inspired by that character, and of course one of them is green.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Éirinn go Brách!


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