Fantastic Four

Hello again! I’m back earlier than I thought.

I’ve been getting lot of hits from US lately, so I thought it would be appropriate to publish something before the 4th of July… just in case someone wants to celebrate Independence Day in Superhero Style! 😀

I’ll start Marvel-inspired cocktails with Fantastic Four. They’re all available for download in one handy PDF: Fantastic4. There you can find recipes in compact form, but in case you’re interested in them in greater detail, I’ll walk you through… and since it’s summertime, I used my aloha shirts as a background 😀


We’ll start our journey to Marvel characters with Fantastic Four. I publish them all at once, since I designed them as a “family of drinks”: starting from pre-dinner apertifs, through after-dinners and highballs, ending in strong shots.


Human Torch


Johnny Storm aka. “Human Torch”… something in that concept inspires me to design pre-dinner apertif. Little bit of Campari to arouse the appetite (not too much, or Campari-haters will back off), few drops of Tabasco for the same reason… carrot juice is pretty “food-like” for a juice, I think it works well.

-2 parts carrot juice

-1 part red grenadine

-1 part Campari

-4 parts white rum

-few drops of Tabasco sauce

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Campari lover version: otherwise the same, but switch ratios of carrot juice and Campari.

We start our evening with Human Torch, and we’ll also end it with him. “Flame on!” is the drink for later evening, when the going gets rough, but we’re not there yet…


Invisible Woman


Another apertif. It has sweet element, which some say is supposed to turn appetite off, but I think a bit of sweet liqueur in apertif is OK.

-3 parts mezcal (San Cosme recommended, as in French Intervention)

-1 part Bols Cocoa White

Shake with ice and strain into smallest stemmed glass you can find, or serve as schnaps from a shot glass. Absolutely no garnish at all, keep it invisible!

Since Sue Storm and Reed Richards are a married couple, I thought it would be nice to use same elements in both of their cocktails. Mrs. Storm is apertif, and Mr. Richards is something to be enjoyed after a meal…




These one sure is swee-et, but instead of dull sugar onslaught it has a twist… or a couple of them: you can make mezcal or absinthe version, whichever suits your taste.

-3 parts mezcal (San Cosme, of course)

-3 parts Bols Cacao White

-2 parts Blue Curacao

-1 part Rose’s Lime Cordial

-tablespoon of coconut milk

-dozen drops of De Kyuper Cocoa Bitters

Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass filled with ice.

You’ll survive without De Kuyper’s Cocoa Bitters (althought you will miss much). Whatever you do, DO NOT use Angostura Bitters as a substitute!!! As great bitter as it is, it will totally ruin this drink, both the taste and the colour.

Version 2:

-4 parts of Bols White Cocoa

-2 parts absinthe

-1 part Blue Curacao

-1 part simple syrup

-tablespoon of coconut milk

-dozen drops of De Kyuper Cocoa Bitters

Shake with icea and strain into old fashioned glass filled with ice. Do not use your spiciest absinthe in this one, we’re looking for more mellow absinthe (if there is one): the idea is that strong anise flavour (and nothing else) strikes throught sweetness. And as in Version 1, don’t substitute Cocoa Bitters with Angostura Bitters.

So, we’ve finished our meal and it’s time to mingle on the poolside.


Ben Grimm


I guess Ben Grimm, unaware of his future as The Thing, drank all sorts of healthy stuff when he was playing football in the college… I designed this drink as an “unorthodox highball”, for those who want something different for a change. There’s an illusion of “healthy stuff” in this one ;P

-4 parts orange juice

-4 parts carrott juice

-3 parts Triple Sec

-3 parts ginger rum

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass. Garnish with orange wedge.

“Ginger rum”? Yes, it’s that same stuff that we used in Wonder Woman and Flash. To manufacture ginger rum: mix teaspoon of ground ginger to 1 dl (3 1/3 oz) of dark rum. Let it soak for 15-30 min. Filter.

This drink might taste too “healthy” for you. In that case, check out another highball inspired by orange giant…


The Thing-kayttis


This highball is refreshingly sour! Actually, I prefer to leave simple syrup out for even more sour aroma, but do as you wish.

-2 parts Triple Sec

-2 parts carrot juice

-2 parts coconut milk

-2 parts lemon juice

-1 part simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass. Serve with cocktail stirrer, since coconut milk might start to separate if you nurse your drink for a long time.

“The Thing” works out well as a mocktail version…

-1 part lemon juice

-1 part carrot juice

-1 part coconut milk

-1 part simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass. Serve with stirrer, as above.


Flame on!1


So, we started with Human Torch and we’ll meet him again, later in the evening. I haven’t designed shots that much: actually this is my second shot, Deadshot being the first.

I owe an apology for Passoã. I thrashed it earlier, saying only good use for it is in Two-Face… and here we meet Passoã once again.

-1 part Passoã

-1 part ginger rum

-overproof rum

Shake Passoã and ginger rum with ice and strain into shot glass. Top with overproof rum and ignite. Let it burn for a while, extinguish and SHOOT!

For manufacturing ginger rum, see “Clobbering Time” above. You can also use ordinary non-ginger dark rum for this drink.

And yes: overproof rum and flaming are also optional. “Flame on!” is okay shot even without flames, but I guess everyone wants to ignite it.

You all know what flaming shot looks like, but here’s a picture anyway…

Flame On!2

Please be careful with flaming drinks! Use thicker glasses to avoid breakage!

I hope you’ll enjoy your summer day with Fantastic Four!


20 thoughts on “Fantastic Four”

  1. AAAAND WE GOT THE FLAMES! 😀 Hehe… I love the background theme here – your Hawaiian shirts! Not very superheroish, but lots of fun. I’m hoping to have a taste of Mister Fantastic at some point, seemed interesting with the cocoa bitter. -S


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    1. Thanks for the comment. This blog started out with an idea “one or two cocktail recipes per little over a week”, that’s the pace I’m able to keep up with. It’s not the actual writing that takes the time, it’s the development of tasty, or at least decent, cocktail recipes.


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    1. Thanks for the comment. This question seems to the standard comment in this blog, and I give you the standard answer:
      I don’t own trademarks of any of the comic characters mentioned in this blog, so I don’t see how I would be entitled to make money out of something which isn’t mine.
      As it says in the front page disclaimer: “Just writing this for fun”.


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