Licor 43 (Jade, Luke Cage revisited)

Okay! That’s it! I’ve been using so much Licor 43 on cocktail recipes lately that people probably are getting fed up with it… and to be honest, I’m starting to get kinda sick of it too.

So… two more recipes utilizing that particular liqueur, and then I put that bottle aside for a long time.

Since last time I published Obsidian, I’m feel kinda obligated to publish something about here sister, too…


3 parts Licor 43

1 part Pisang Ambon

3 parts vodka

1 part tequila blanco

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

Where do I start…? Well, I had Jade in mind when I started to design it; all the different aspects of the character, each represented with this-and-that ingredient… then I kinda forgot all my fine reasoning and got excited with the aromas…

So: no intellectual arguments why this is especially Jade’s namesake drink. It just is, and it’s delicious (I dare to say). At least the colour is green, if you’re looking for some kind of rationale.

About tequila blanco… as always, I strongly recommend using 100% puro de agave. In this case I have a strong reason to do so… this is one of those weird drinks where you don’t taste the tequila, but if you leave it out you’ll notice something essential is definitely missing. Using cheap tequila adds wrong kind of sting: I tried with Sauza Blanco, and the agave bit me in the toungue… with eg. Ocho Blanco La Laja the drink is smooth yet bold.


1 part Advocaat

1 part Licor 43

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with plenty of ice in it.

Nothing wrong in my first version of Luke Cage… but when this brainstorm strained out the shaker and I saw the vibrant yellow colour I instantly thought of Cage’s T-shirt and thought “please let it taste good, and I’ll publish it as a second version of L.C.”… and it did, so here it is 🙂

I don’t have a slightest clue what to publish next – well, it’s not going to contain any Licor 43, that’s for sure… We’ll just have to wait and see ;P

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