Henchmen around the world, unite! (Moloid, Quinntet)

May Day / International Worker’s Day is approaching, so let’s make a theme about oppressed individiuals of the superhero comic world.

Let’s face it: life of a henchman isn’t easy. Your master treats you badly, and when it’s time for The Big Showdown the good guys knock you out just like that; then you wake up in jail. The very least we can do for these poor souls is to dedicate couple of cocktails for them.

On the other hand… the henchmen tend to be pretty dense and dim, not necessarily the greatest cocktail connoisseurs around. And if they ever should design a cocktail… well, I suppose it wouldn’t get official IBA status any time soon.

Summa summarum, my guidelines for these henchmen cocktails: simple to make (because henchmen can’t handle too complicated tasks), and their taste should be “little off”… not necessarily outright repulsive, but somehow failed and lame… as are their pitiful lives 😐




1 part Coca-Cola

1 part extra dry vermouth

Build into an ugly glass, add some ice.

I feel quilty when mocking Moloids… after all, they were created to serve as mindless cannon fodder / beasts of burden! Heavy labour day after day, always underground, no sunshine, no emotions or any other brain activity whatsoever… the quarreling combination of Coke and vermouth is what living under the tyrannical iron boot of Mole Man must taste like.

Joking aside… this drink is not unpalatable: the taste is weird, but I’m pretty someone honestly enjoys this refreshment with a brisk aroma. I found some acceptable elements in this combo, so I have a courage to publish it.


Okay, some of you comic book enthusiasts out there point out that there are thinking Moloids out there, genetic deviates or what have you: Mik, Korr, Tong, Val-Or… so this is the cocktail for them…


2 parts Coca-Cola

3 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part licorice vodka or Triple Sec

Build into an ugly glass, as above.

If you find basic version too bland spice it up with some licorice vodka or Triple sec: the additional jolt represents the spark of intelligence these unusual Moloids host inside their cranium.

New to this blog? Don’t know how to make licorice vodka? Check out Harley Quinn… and speaking about HQ…



Serving Quinntet The Cocktail in partly broken glass is thematically nice idea, represents Harley’s violent tantrums well… but it goes without saying that this has its dangers, edges of broken glass and lips don’t go well together. Use your discretion.


2 parts licorice vodka

2 to 3 parts cranberry juice

Shake with ice and strain into a suitable glass with some ice in it. Partly broken glass is great, but it has its inherent dangers: maybe just some ugly/weird container.

And as always… for cranberry juice please use high quality concentrate, diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommendation (usually 1:3 or 1:4).

Quinntets (in Kesel-Dodson H.Q. production) were not just some faceless mooks: they had real thoughts and emotions (well, maybe Buster didn’t ;P ), they were actually important characters in the story… maybe that’s why I felt so bad when Harley mistreated them, according to her insane whims. Their namesake cocktail deserves a little bit more delving into than just throwing random ingredients into the shaker…

Harley Quinn is one of my best creations ever, Test Subjects still crave for it after all these years. I thought that Quinntet The Cocktail should be a variation of H.Q. Cocktail: after all, they are her underlings and in the mentioned story some of them envied Harley’s position, so “the copy” of her drink is justifiable.

So here it is. Drink modelled after H.Q., but not quite there… as I said in the beginning of this post, its “little off”.


Next time… I got carried away with pathetic and miserable excuses for a “super”villain, so one cocktail from that theme coming up. And also another character who is not pathetic at all… all they have in common is their enemy, Batman…


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