Deep Sea (Aquaman, Namor)

This time we’re discovering unknown territories… I’m not just referring figuratively to the deepest depths of the ocean; I’ve never designed a cocktail based on sparkling wine before!

I got a bit excited (and bloated 😐 ) while designing new bubbly recipes; next post will contain bubbly cocktails also. So maybe you’ll want to abstain yourself of testing “Aquaman” this time, save opening the bottle for next week… on the other hand, inΒ Bumblebee and Wasp I promised to tell you other uses for Lillet Blanc; “Namor” is one example (and more will follow in the future).




Friend of mine worked as first mate for many years in freighter, he told me that there is a lot of difference between North Sea and Northern Atlantic. In principle they’re both situated in north, but North Sea is always (I quote) “grey and ruthless”. That got me thinking… I’ll design two different versions of Aquaman, according to the whims of the sea.

Gentle Seas Version:

-1 to 2 parts part Luxardo Maraschino

-1 part Blue Curacao

-around 17 parts sweetened sparkling wine (check out how it’s done)

Pour chilled ingredients into champagne glass or coupe, give it a gentle stir.

Ruthless Northern Seas Version: substitute Luxardo Maraschino to Kirschwasser. Be warned, this is H-A-R-S-H! You know those drinks… the instant you taste them you know that one glass okay; more of them will give you terrible hangover. Well, this is one of them. Lord of the Sea is relentless.




With Namor I decided to go for the southern seas. I know… no sea in the the whole wide world is as green as this drink, but the Caribbean Sea is pretty close. This picture is from the island of Tobago (Pigeon Point jetty in April 2016, to be exact) and it’s not photoshopped one bit! Compare the colour of the sea to the colour of the sky…



…okay, the sea more “turquoise” than “green”… but Namor’s Speedos are green! So, the recipe; using Lillet Blanc as promised, with it’s wicked quinine aroma to reflect the Caribbean Sea’s ability to turn from the gentle sea to hurricane in one instant…

-2 parts Pisang Ambon

-3 parts Lillet Blanc

(add Blue Curacao if you want to adjust the colour more turquoise/blue)

Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass, add lots of ice.


More bubbly cocktails next time!


13 thoughts on “Deep Sea (Aquaman, Namor)”

  1. I just LOOOOOVE the colour of Aquaman! And I’m abit envious of you: the cocktail glass you use is pretty gorgeous… πŸ˜€ I really appreciate your effort to come up with several sparkly cocktails! For me, they feel like having a bit of extra, some glamour along the lively bubbles. We girls need that every now and then! πŸ˜‰


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