Killing Blows (Hulk, Black Widow)

This time we’re preparing for serious summer party drinking: I feel that everyone should participate in such a party at least once per summer. Those festivities don’t usually include more debonair cocktails with delicate nuances, more like simple, straightforward highballs… and of course shots later in the evening.

Fantastic4-set included both kind of drinks, and of course you can find much more in Recipes and downloads… but there’s always room for more!




This more of a drinking game than a cocktail… can you finish the glass before the ice melts?

Preparing the blue ice beforehand is the most arduous task in “Hulk”, the drink itself is pretty simple to prepare. So, make a lots of blue ice, for example like in Chemo… but this time the trick is to use lots of Blue Curacao or blue grenadine: so much that the cubes barely freeze… and those mushy cubes will melt quickly when dropped into drink, exactly what we’re looking for.

Pour 2 parts bourbon (preferably Jim Beam), 1 part lemon juice and 1 part Galliano in biggest highball glass you have. Top it with 4-6 parts of Mountain Dew, give it a little stir.

Now the drink is kinda yellowish… and then you add the blue ice. It will instantly turn slightly green (as in picture above) and greener and greener it gets…



…and when you’ve worked your way through the drink, it has turned very deep green. So, a drinking game: can you make your escape (by finishing the drink) before Hulk’s wrath grows to uncontrollable proportions (when all the ice have melted, turning the “Hulk” intense green).

You noticed? I’m using Galliano again, after I mocked it, saying only good use for it is in Sinestro? So I stand corrected. If you don’t have Galliano, you can substitute it with vanilla flavouring: use it as you would when making vanilla milkshake… and then some. Please notice that using flavouring instead of Galliano will drop drink’s alcohol content quite a lot: there’s not so much challenge left in the drinking game.


Black Widow kayttis


Hulk sure smashes, but Natasha Romanova ain’t defenceless! You can prepare this shot in three different ways.

-2 parts licorice vodka (check out Harley Quinn how it’s done)

-1 Fernet Branca

-1 part either simple syrup OR red grenadine OR Creme de Cassis

Shake with ice and strain into shot glass.

Creme de Cassis produces the “easiest” drink: sweet berry aroma with mysterious undertones, it just slips down the throat. The colour is very dark red, kinda “blackish-red”.

Red grenadine (pictured) is best all-around choice for this drink: Fernet Branca still stays in the background.

If you want to taste Branca more clearly, use simple syrup. If you want to get political, you can use this version to represent defected Romanova: there’s no “socialist red” in the drink.

Earlier I’ve used Fernet Branca to fully utilize it’s flavour, in Swamp Thing and in Dark Knight. This time I decided to cut it’s harshness with sweet elements, and of course with that good ol’ licorice vodka.

There’s a chance for drinking game with Black Widow also… I think endless “which one is better, DC or Marvel”-bickering is pointless, but now you can turn it into friendly match: shoot Black Widows and Deadshots one after another, the first shot you won’t be able to handle is the deadliest assassin 😀

Okay. This post has been all about mindless swigging. Next time couple of more sophisticated recipes for enjoying summer in civilized manner. And the dominant flavour will be… cherry.


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