More JSA (Obsidian, Sandman)

Two more fellas deserve their place in this blog… I’ve updated them in JSA compilation, available at recipes and downloads as usual.


6 to 8 parts rowanberry vodka

1 part Green Chartreuse

2 parts Amaretto

black food colouring

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Obsidian started out as a good guy, turned insane and became a villain. Last time I heard of him he’s okay now, back among the ranks of heroes. I hope this drink, featuring “repulsive” sourness and bitterness, but also gentle sweet elements, properly describes the character.


5 parts sour apple liqueur

3 parts Licor 43

1 (or 2) parts the smoothest dark rum you have

2 parts light rum

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

When thinking about Sandman and his namesake cocktail, the first thing that comes into mind is his sleeping gas – that’s the obvious element for use as inspiration for a drink.

I reveal a secret… Sandman has been in my “to do”-list for a long time. Sleeping gas – Heavy, like a deep slumber? Light, like a dream you never want to end?Intoxicating… sure, but how to depict that? Overwhelming sweetness is too easy an answer (and boring one).

Sandman The Cocktail remained in my “ongoing projects” for week after week. Then… some crime scene investigator in “Sandman’s Mystery Theatre” describes the smell of the gas as “kinda like sour apple”.

Thank you, you nameless mook! Now I had something “official” to base my drink at… after the deadlock opened I actually reached the decent recipe in one evening.

I tried to be careful, not to overdo it… you know, adding this bitter and that sour – something I do too often. I hope you enjoy Sandman The Cocktail, please remember to use the smoothest dark rum possible. Nothing wrong with rums with zing, but unfortunately they’ll ruin the union of sour apple and Licor 43; light rum is there to add that needed kick, dark version “lays the foundation”.

Okay, I hope you enjoy these 🙂

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