Arachnid vs. Cephalopod (Spider-Man, Dr. Octopus)

Now it’s time for the character we’ve been waiting for too long… I got entangled in Batman villain recipes for so long time I forgot about Spider-Man (entangled, got it? Hee, hee).




Peter Parker is a teenager, barely legal drinking age, stuck in his teenager problems (stuck, got it?)… I don’t think he would drink anything too complicated. Not wanting to get lost in the web (hee, hee) of endless cocktail options, he’d go straight for the easy solution: strawberry.

-1 to 2 parts sloe gin

-1 to 2 parts Grand Marnier

-4 parts strawberry juice.

Stir with ice and strain into highball glass, LOTS of ice.

I repeat myself once again… for strawberry juice I use concetrate diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommended 1:4. The same thing I do with cherry or raspberry juice, in every recipe.

So, we have a nice highball; not necessarily “summery” drink. Strawberry has simple flavour, actually too simple for my taste… but adding sloe gin and Grand Marnier gives the juice “more posture”, yet it retains its “teenager” character. Start with 1 part sloe gin and G. Marnier, move up to 1,5 or even 2 parts if you feel like it.

[EDIT: check out my second version of Spider-Man here]




Spider-Man has been waiting his own drink for too long, and it sure was too long when we made frappés… last spring, actually; Riddler and Kal-El.

As I mentioned in that last frappé-post: I personally prefer a bit larger glasses for frappés instead of usual shot glass, “official” tequila glass made out of thick glass is my favourite (it retains its cold temperature longer when taken out of freezer). Also, I think traditional shaven ice melts too quickly. It’s better to use crushed ice, created with hand-cranked crusher instead of blender.

-2 parts absinth

-1 part Midori

-2 parts Rose’s Lime Cordial

-few drops of Blue Curacao (to adjust colour).

Take the frozen glass out of the freezer, fill it with crushed/shaven ice, add straw. Shake ingredients with ice until glacially cold. Strain into glass. I guess you’ll have to drink eight of these ;P


So… easy and mild highball, and easy and strong frappé. I guess I’ll have to offer something more intrigue, more challenging next time. Take care!


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