Rowanberries and Thunderbolts (Atlas, MACH)

Rowanberries are ripe, bitten by night frost… it’s time for soaking berries in vodka again. But before that, let’s check out the product of other kind of “soaking-something-in-booze” experiment…


1 part Skittles tequila

1 to 2 parts sweet white wine (around 40 grams sugar/litre)

1 part Fanta or sparkling water

2 parts carrot juice

(dash of simple syrup to adjust taste)

Stir with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in it.

Of course Atlas’ drink should be a HUGE highball, and there must be enough strenght… read: alcohol content.

Mixture of Skittles tequila and carrot juice is weirdly attractive, especially when balancing elements are introduced… sweet white wine “lightens up” the drink; it still needs bubbles, though – I couldn’t decide which one was better, so it’s up to you to use Fanta or bubbly water (I personally prefer Fanta). The sweetness of the drink is okay, but somehow a small dash of simple syrup “lubricates” it… again, you’ll test and decide.

What about the colour? Why isn’t the drink blue, red or yellow, or mixture of them? Well, in some stories Atlas’ outfit is brownish-orangeish-reddish… I’m a fan of that look, so I’m content with this colour.

And now it’s time for today’s rowanberry cocktail…


6 parts dry white wine

1 to 2 parts rowanberry vodka / Bayou Pink

2 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb (or peach liqueur, see below)

2 parts pineapple juice (see below)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with maraschino cherry.

So…we already have one Thunderbolt soaring through the skies, Songbird (and Jolt and Meteorite)… how do I depict another flyer, without repeating myself?

Well, Abner Jenkins flies with his suit of marvelous technology – machine powered aviation, that’s something I can work with!

Hmm… Aviation, classic cocktail from the good ol’ days. Some like it, but it’s too harsh for many… so, let’s keep the basic concepts of the Aviation in mind and see if we can “soften it up” a little, still keeping the hint of jet fuel onboard?

Well, finally I strayed quite far from the original Aviation, but there’s no shame in that: dry white wine lifts us up in the air, rowanberry vodka / Bayou Pink gives a sting (they don’t taste the same, but work fine here)… juice softens up a bit, as does the liqueur.

I recommend pineapple juice, but you can replace part of that with orange juice… if all of the “2 parts juice” is orange it kinda chokes down the drink.

De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb OR peach liqueur… what’s this? Two totally different liqueurs, and I couldn’t decide which one to use? Well… is the main juice is pineapple, I’d use Sour Rhubarb – the more you introduce orange juice, the more I’d tend toward peach.

So why not both? Sure, if it suits your fancy… but I think adding both of them creates kinda unsatisfactory mishmash.

Next time? More Thunderbolts, at least Techno 🙂

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