Green and Yellow (Green Lantern, Sinestro)

Ever had high expectations about some liqueur? Bought it, just waiting to try it since you read some recipe which seemed nice? And then, the horrible truth… it’s too sweet? Otherwise abhorrent? Or just plain dull?

Well, it seems that there’s no liqueur that, given time and patience, couldn’t redeem itself. Vana Tallinn in Solomon Grundy or Passoã in Two-Face, for example. So we’ll continue our ever-ending quest for making decent use of disappointing liqueurs.


Green Lantern3


I wanted to try legendary Rusty Nail, so I bought Drambuie. Of course I expected it to be sweet, with heather honey and all, but hey come_on!!! So, here’s my suggestion for using Drambuie…

Pour approximately 1 part Drambuie and 6 parts unsweetened apple juice into highball glass. Stir gently while you add some Blue Curacao to get the colour right (teaspoon or two will do). Add some ice.

The result is pretty refreshing summer drink, very mild in alcohol content. Spike it up with e.g. whiskey if you like.

EDIT: please check out my other version of Green Lantern.




There must be something wrong with me, since I resent much-appreciated Galliano? Can’t help it, I feel it’s pretty d_u_l_l. Here’s something to surprise you…

Pour 6 parts lager, 4 parts Galliano and 1-2 parts lime juice into highball glass. Stir gently, add some ice.

Amount of lime juice is essential. 1 part lime: you can taste both lager and Galliano… 2 parts: suddenly the drink tastes pretty much like Mountain Dew!?! This might be desired or dreaded occurence…


You might not agree with my opinion about Drambuie or Galliano, but anyway you should try these recipes. And remember: easy solution for unpalatable liqueur is to make frappé out of it. That doesn’t mean all frappés are just ways to dispose unwanted booze… remember Riddler and Kal-El?


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