No joking: probably THE BEST cocktail ever! (Joker)

Hello again. This time I’ll introduce two completely different drinks, and if you’ve tried my previous recipes you’ll have necessary liqueurs in your cabinet: Midori (from Killer Croc) and Crème de Cassis (from Harley Quinn). Maybe you’ll find use for green Chartreuse (also from Killer Croc).

You’ll also need Triple Sec (or something similar citrus liqueur)… but of course you have it in your reserve. Everyone does. Citrus liqueur is one of the most essential elements in bartending.

But let’s put Crème de Cassis aside for a moment and grab that Midori…



“Why so serious?”

This cocktail consists of two parts: green and purple. It will, however, have three different flavours, one after another. First it’s sour; then, as a dessert, sweet… and finally something else: what exactly, that depends on you… but that third flavour will be the last laugh, final punchline…

Prepare the purple part first.

“Dilute” red grenadine with simple syrup and/or Triple Sec: aim is to make red colour less intense. Then, add blue grenadine or Blue Curacao very carefully, one drop at the time. Stir after every drop and examine the result, it’s really easy to make the mix too blue. If you didn’t “lighten up” red grenadine enough in the beginning you’ll notice that the colour is too dark, kind of brownish. That’s okay, you can dilute with syrup and/or T-Sec now.

When you’re satisfied with the colour it’s time to add The Punchline. Tabasco or green Chartereuse or something else… something fiery, something peppery. Not too much: trust me, even a few drops of Tabasco will deliver the message.

Set purple part aside, it’s time to make the green part.

-1 part blanco tequila (preferably 100% de agave)

-1 part Midori

-1 part lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail or margarita glass. Then pour the purple part in gently, along the side of the glass: it contains so much sugar it should set to the bottom. How much purple sweetness, it’s up to you… but I wouldn’t suggest much.

After a sour green your palate will welcome sweet taste… tongue is quicker to taste sweet, so fiery Tabasco (or whatever) will kick in last, delightfully blending with disappearing sweet sensation.

This cocktail is a bit arduous, but it’s worth it. This, however, isn’t “probably the best cocktail in the world” I’ve been hollering about. It’s called Tony Bennett.



Okay, there are many recipes named after Mr.Bennett to be found online… but not this one, for some reason. Friend of mine pointed this out after a cocktail party, when she was trying to google the recipe for that delicious drink everyone loved.

I discovered the recipe from dusty cocktail book, and of course I shared my knowledge with her… and now I’m sharing it with you.

Enough talk, let’s try the drink!

-fill, I mean FILL highball glass with ice cubes. Twist a long lemon peel somewhere there, between the cubes. Then grab your shaker…

-2 parts gin

-2 parts Triple Sec

-2 parts Crème de Cassis

-1 part lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into glass, but do not fill it up. There should be little room for some sparkling water: not much, but some. Whatever you do, don’t stir after adding the water.

Bubbly water actually serves a purpose. Drink is too sweet to be enjoyed as it is: first few sips will be diluted by water… and then the melting ice will dilute the rest as you work your way through the drink. Usually this is unwanted occurence, cocktail being watered down by melting ice, but in this case we’ll welcome it.

According to story the singer drank one of these before the performance, especially if the weather was chilly. Well, as verifiable as any story in the cocktail books… I find this cocktail very “summery”, to be enjoyed when sun is shining and it’s hot. Well, on the other hand… drinking this in the middle of the winter gives you hope: “only few months and it’ll be warm again…”.

Anyway, you should try this. It’s really good, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love it!

Until next week… you’ll have time to refresh your memory and watch “Batman Returns” again, because it’s time for Catwoman and Penguin. Something sweet and something dry…VERY dry. Don’t drink all that Chartreuse.

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