Cosmic Power beyond description… and a fella with a bow (Galactus, Green Arrow)

This time we’ll take a look at two characters in the different ends of Superhero Power Scale.




Galactus is powerful; so is the aroma of his drink. His armour is coloured blue and magenta-ish; the colour of the drink is trying so simulate that magenta/red.

-2 parts Triple Sec

-1 part absinth

-2 parts lime juice

-2 parts raspberry juice.

Shake with ice and strain into chilled old fashioned glass filled with ice.

Once again… as in Rogue or Cheetah: for raspberry juice I used concentrate diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommended 1:4.




Yes, I know: in Clayface/Rogue post I told I’m not gonna use my Hawaii shirts as background anymore… but this highball screams “SUMMER!”, I couldn’t help myself… even though summer is pretty much gone 😦 Well, I guess you can drink this while waiting for the next.

The drink itself… Green Arrow is kinda comical character (a bow makes a superhero?!?), and I thought his drink should be comical/entertaining/funny: something that will bring smile to drinker’s lips, starting from the first sip.


-2 parts Triple Sec

-1 part Creme de Menthe

-2 parts simple syrup

-2 parts cream

-8 parts Fanta

Stir ingredients with ice and strain into highball glass with lots of ice in it. Add a straw (to avoid milk whiskers) and lime wedge (the scent of lime works well with this one). Tropical paraphernalia is optional… maybe Oliver Queen uses that parrot for target practice? ;P


Cosmic entity and a bow-wielding dude; strong short drink and mild highball; serious destroyer and bantering jester… and speaking about jesters… next time: Spider-Man!


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