Primordial (Swamp Thing)

Swamp Thing is my favourite superhero. Period.

That being said… I guess I owe him at least two recipes: both with strong, primordial taste. And coloured green, naturally… just after I said I’ve done enough green drinks. Hey, to my defence: you might argue if old school CHEMO is either pink or green or whatever, but there is only one correct colour for the shambling silhouette in the bog.




-2 parts bourbon

-1 part Fernet Branca

-1 part Rose’s Lime Cordial

-Blue Curacao for colour (to turn it muddy green)

Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass, add some ice.


Fernet Branca is great for giving “primordial strenght” to a cocktail, but I know it’s too harsh for many. So just as I offered two different views of Batman, Dark Knight and Silent Guardian, one with Fernet Branca and other without, I’m giving you a completely different approach to Swamp Thing…




-3 parts cognac

-1 part Creme de Menthe

(-drop of absinth)

Shake with ice and strain into small stemmed glass. One or two very small ice cubes.

This also has a rich taste, but it’s different from Swamp Thing above. Ingredients of “The Green” are distinctively French, so I guess it goes well with Louisianan quagmire.

Unfortunately I must admit: this cocktail already exists… it’s a version of Stinger, which uses white creme de menthe; when traditional green Menthe is used, the drink is called “Green Hornet”. I publish it anyway: I developed it, approved it, and somehow it felt familiar… little investigative work, “oh crap, there it is”… but since Green Hornet/The Green is so “swampthingesque Frenchy” I publish it. Anyway: ratios are different in “The Green” and “Green Hornet”, and there’s no absinth in Hornet, not even that little dash.


Okay, see you in a week or so. No Fernet Branca next time, I promise.


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