Preparing for Halloween, Part 1 (Ghost Rider, Jack O’Lantern)

I’ll publish two posts prior to Halloween; they’ll contain cocktail recipes of various scary characters, and of various styles. Without further delay…




This one is, of course, fiery! We’ll reach way back in this blog, and utilise ginger rum, same we used for the first time in my first Wonder Woman inspired drink, Golden Lasso, and in The Flash. It’s also used in my summertime special Fantastic Four drinks, Clobbering Time and Flame On! if you wanna check them out.

So, to produce ginger rum… pour one teaspoon of ground ginger into 1dl (3 1/3 oz) of dark rum, stir a little. Let it soak for 15 mins, filter. Simple as that.

-2 parts ginger rum

-1 part orange juice

-1 part Rose’s Lime Cordial

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange wedge and (naturally) with some sort of skull decoration.

This sure burns like hellfire, but I hear you asking: “why aren’t there any flames in Ghost Rider’s cocktail? After all, he’s a dude with a flaming skull?”

No, no flames in this one. If you yearn for the real fire you’ll have to go for the next one…




Once again Test Subject S. is affecting my blog… “you must design a flaming drink where you can toast marshmallow!” … so here it is 😀

I love Fernet Branca, I’ve used it eg. in Swamp Thing, Dark Knight and Black Widow. Anyhow, even if some people basically enjoy bitter tinge, Fernet is just too much, too harsh. So I decided to try a little milder Gammel Dansk, and join it in unholy matrimony with something sweet…

-2 parts Gammel Dansk

-3 parts Pisang Ambon

-1 part apple juice

-overproof rum

-marshmallow in suitable pick

Set rum and marshmallow aside, stir other ingredients together and pour into old fashioned glass; absolutely no ice at any point. Carefully top the drink with flammable rum, light it up and serve instantly.

The idea is to toast the marshmallow, put the fire out with suitable lid and enjoy both the candy and the drink.

Please be careful with flaming drinks! Use thick glasses to avoid breakage!


Sorry, my manual dexterity isn’t sufficient to take a picture and toast a marshwallow at the same time…

Usually warmed up cocktails taste, well, not so good… but I think Jack is okay, somehow even better if shaken traditonally with ice, skipping the flames. You can try that version also, and save your marshmallows for the campfire.

These were the first two superhero (or supervillain) inspired cocktails for upcoming Halloween, check out the next two next week.


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