Preparing for Halloween, Part 2 (Hellboy, The Punisher)

Today I’ll complete my “Halloween Cocktails”- miniseries. I threw Hellboy and The Punisher into recipe compilation with the rest, not just with last post’s Ghost Rider and Jack O’Lantern but also with other scary characters from earlier on: Man-BatEtrigan and, of course, Scarecrow.

Please feel free to download Halloween Cocktail Special, you’ll find it in Recipes and downloads.

But now it’s time for today’s recipes…



Usually tomato juice is associated with Bloody Mary and it’s kwazillion variants. Don’t get me wrong, eg. Bloody Maria is a-okay drink, but I’m growing pretty tired to the idea that cocktail using tomato juice should automatically include “Tabasco+Worcester Sauce+so on”-flavour set.

This recipe is my answer. Tequila’s sting balanced with Skittles’s sweetness, tomato juice trying to overwhelm them but succeeding only partially in the task.

-1 part Skittles tequila

-1 part tomato juice

Shake with ice and strain into suitable small glass. The colour is not quite “blood” but pretty close (at least it’s red, as is Hellboy), you’ll probably want to emphasize the point with right kind of glass.

What is Skittles tequila? I’ve used it before in ClayfaceDr. Fate and Dr. Strange, you’ll find instructions in those posts. It’s pretty easy to produce… and don’t be intimitated: unfiltered broth will look dis_gus_ting, but have faith in me.



Who do you fear the most: demons, ghosts… or stone-cold psychopath killer?

Frank Castle is, at least technically, a human being… but his mind is broken (to put it mildly). Somewhere there, in the deepest corner of his troubled mind, lies sweet memory of his brutally slaughtered family; but it’s all buried under dark rage and bloodlust.

With these guidelines I designed this drink…

-3 parts Amaretto di Saronno

-4 parts vodka

-4 parts cranberry juice

-8 to 12 parts Coca Cola

Pour the ingredients (save Cola) into highball glass, stir, add ice. Fill it up with Coke, stirring. Garnish? Maybe a pinch of gunpowder, or handful of spent cartridges ;P

For cranberry juice use concetrate diluted with water 1:1, instead of recommended 1:3 or 1:4 or whatever ratios.

A word about Amaretto di Saronno… Why on Earth do I use such sweet and nice liqueur in drink bearing Punisher’s grim name? I admit: Amaretto, straight up, is anything but “grim”… but if you combine it with suitable “counter-elements” it wavers in the background as a kinda “bittersweetish” aroma.

So I ended up using it in The Punisher, and earlier I used it in Marshal Law. Notice any similarity in these characters?

[EDIT: there’s a new version of Punisher here]


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