Tiny Things (Ant-Man, The Atom)

Last time we got acquainted with Bumblebee and Wasp, today we’ll meet more very, very small superheroes. Let’s start with Wasp’s husband.




Philosophy behind this drink… it’s big and tall (like Giant-Man), but it teaches us a lesson: even a small amount of certain ingredient can change the whole drink, same way as tiny Ant-Man can do incredible things.

That “certain ingredient” is Campari. I love it, maybe that’s why I got feedback from Test Subjects: “Campari is okay, but don’t overdo it every time.” (we were drinking Chemos ) So, this time there’s Campari just enough to turn this highball interesting.

-1 part Campari

-2 parts Triple Sec OR whisky

-6 strawberry juice

-2 parts pineapple juice

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass, add ice. Using Triple Sec results in “kind of a brisk” drink, whisky gives you “more full-bodied” version. I couldn’t decide which one is better, so I’ll publish both.

Anyway, for strawberry juice I used extract diluted 1:1 with water instead of recommended 1:4, just like I used eg. Spider-Man.

Ant-Man/Giant-Man is pretty mild highball… next one will be total opposite.




This is anything you would expect: small, with incredible punch. But to make it little more intresting… first this drink will hit you pretty strong; but since Atom is so small, the effect passes quickly… until he punches you again (when you swig the next one).

The Atom trifles with your taste ,along the same guidelines as the “final punchline” of Joker. Blue part kicks your tastebuds, “Oh Jeez, what did I just gulped!?!”… and suddenly it’s gone, replaced by red part’s soothing sweetness. That’s the way it goes: our taste of sense is so quick to grapple to sweet sensation, it pushes blue part’s violent aromas aside just like that.

-around 2 parts red grenadine from freezer

-1 part vodka

-1 part silver tequila (chep, non-100&% puro de agave s**t will do)

-1 part Blue Curacao

Place grenadine in the freezer couple of hours beforehand. It’s supposed to be “thick” when you pour it into shot glass. Shake the remaining ingredients with ice and gently strain into shot glass, on top of the grenadine: cold grenadine contains so much sugar that you should succeed in layering automatically.

If you’re into serious drinking, combine The Atom with my other shot recipes, (Deadshot, Flame on! and Black Widow) if you want to end your evening quickly ;P

Next time we’ll venture into unknown depths of the ocean…


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