Summertime Frost (Emma Frost, and more mocktails)

It’s looks like the summer is here! To celebrate it, I’m going to concentrate in refreshing highballs for a while… and here’s the first one:




I mean, really… this superhero has been waiting her cocktail for waaay too long!

1 part gin

1 part Luxardo Maraschino

1 part simple syrup

2 parts milk

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass with some ice in it, add a straw. Garnish with cherry and lime wedge: althought the drink itself doesn’t contain any citrus, lime creates a nice and fitting fragnance.

I have designed a few recipes using cream: Mr. Freeze, Chemo and Supergirl, to name a few. Cream is okay, but sometimes you want dairy product’s “cool breeze” without the excess fat… until now my only milk cocktail has been Bizarro; now we have Emma Frost.

Cool breeze of a milk (because she’s cool), dry wit of the gin (describes the character well, I think), Luxardo’s cherry to bind it all together. You may recoil from the drink at first, but trust me: after few sips you’ll learn to appreciate it.


And now it’s time for today’s mocktails!




This is basically the same as Catwoman The Cocktail, just use ordinary coffee instead of coffee-infused rum.

1 part evaporated milk

1 part coconut milk

1 part coffee (as strong as you like)

Blend or whisk+shake without ice, pour into cocktail glass. Grate some lime chocolate on top (or chocolate and citrus skin).

If you’re preparing the drink for lactose intolerant, use these ingredients:

2 parts lactose free cream

1 to 2 parts simple syrup

2 parts coffee (again, as strong as you like).


But if you’re using coconut milk, please remember there are other mocktail uses for it…


The Thing-kayttis


Remember this from the last summer? A mocktail version of The Thing? Let’s rehearse…

1 part lemon juice

1 part carrot juice

1 part coconut milk

1 part simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass with some ice in it. Garnish it with any way you like, but please make sure you add a stirrer (in case the coconut milk starts to separate).


Okay, enough cream and milk and coconut milk. Last time I published Spider-Man The Mocktail, an innovative way of enjoying coffee and staying sharp. Let’s check out more ways to energize ourselves…




HULK SMASH! Drink too many of these and you’ll start smashing up the place, even when you’re completely sober.

2 parts energy drink (of brown/gold colour)

1 part pineapple juice

dash of lime juice

blue grenadine (for colour)

Build into highball glass; add grenadine last, drop by drop, stirring until you’re content with the colour. Add ice and a straw, garnish with lime wedge.

So, it’s an energy drink with a twist: I think it’s delightful, “juices up” your normal Battery or whatever. Satisfactory representation of gamma ray’s effect, I dare to say.


I got carried away with Emma Frost’s dry wit: next time I’ll intoduce a character with the most straightforward disposition so far… and more mocktails, of course.


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