Metal Men, Part II (Cyborg, Metallo)… and couple of old recipes updated

I wrote the first part of Metal Men in the middle of the winter: Colossus and Iron Man were designed when it was freezing outside… let’s see what kind of treatment Cyborg and Metallo get when the sun is shining…

And now, when Cyborg The Cocktail is published, I’m proud to present one more superhero recipe compilation… Justice League.

I’ll include Cyborg and Metallo in future update, but this megacompilation update contains revisions for Clayface and Songbird, check out the new versions at the end this post.

All updated compilatons are available in Recipes and downloads.



1 part Passoã

1 part Battery energy drink

few dashes of Angostura Bitters

Build into highball glass, add ice. Garnish however you like, but for some reason I think it’s essential to include one red cherry which “stares” at you ;P

Thank you, Test Subject K.! I’ve been working with Cyborg-concept for a while, always ended up with unsatisfactory sludges… how to give the drink “mechanical” taste (like Iron Man earlier, and Metallo, below)…?

Subject K. suggested that I forget about “mechanical”, and consider that machines need power supply… “So why not use Battery as the basis for the drink?” Well, why not? I was satisfied with my Hulk mocktail, so why not give it a go?

Passoã blends well with Battery, and Angostura Bitters balances the sweetness perfectly… and Angostura also serves a thematical purpose: after all, Victor Stone sure has some bitterness in him.

I’ve thrashed Passoã in the past for being useless “teenage booze”… well, it worked well in Two-FaceFlame on! and Captain America, and now in Cyborg, so I stand corrected.

And on to the next metal man… well, metal “man”…



6 parts apple cider (medium dry to sweet)

1 part Kirschwasser

(1 part simple syrup, depends on what kind of cider you’re using)

2 parts orange juice

Blue Curacao, for colour

Stir with ice, adding enough Blue Curacao to turn the whole shebang into suitable kryptonite green. Strain into highball glass with some ice in it. Garnish with orange wedge.

Henry Westons Vintage is decent cider for this drink, you’ll have to use some simple syrup, though: with sweeter ciders you can skip added sugar (or not, it’s all up to your personal taste). Kirschwasser adds “mechanical” taste for the drink… Metallo is, after all, robot fueled with Kryptonite power supply.

[EDIT: second version of Metallo can be found here.]

Well, folks… I’ve been publishing summertime highballs for some time now, sudden burst of sunshine after a looong dark winter has that effect… Next time, once again, I’ll introduce recipes that can be described “summertime-ish”, but they sure have “dark taste”…

But before that, couple of old recipes revisited…



Original version was heavenly… but only when it succeeded right, otherwise it was bit of a disappoitment. It is very frustrating when you do things exactly the same, and the result is different than the last time.

I guess it’s because egg whites aren’t the same every time. Have you noticed that egg whites don’t foam the same amount when you shake them? Some batches produce more foam, some less… a lot less. I’ve also noticed slight differences in taste… not when you fry the eggs for breakfast, but when you use them for cocktails.

The main flaw in the old version was the orange juice. You had to use exactly right kind of juice and hope that it worked with the eggs you’ve bought.

Too many uncontrollable variables, here’s new version that works EVERY time…

4 cl (1 1/2 oz) Skittles tequila

4 cl Kahlúa

4 cl orange juice

1 egg white

Shake with ice and strain into suitable glass, add some ice.

There’s still the alliance of Skittles, tequila and orange juice, but Kahlúa balances the uncontollable factors. If you’ve tried the earlier version and recoiled in horror, please give this new version a chance!

And another old recipe that needs a little tuning…



Nothing wrong with the old recipe… only problem is that some sparkling wines just “swallow” the aroma of strawberry juice, creating the drink which is “almost right”.

We can’t have that. Let me rephrase the recipe…

2 parts bourbon (Jim Beam recommended)

4 parts strawberry juice (and strawberry syrup if necessary, see below)

around 15 parts sweetened sparkling wine (see how it’s done)

Build into champagne coupe or flute, stir gently.

For strawberry juice please use high quality concentrate, diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommendation (usually 1:3 or 1:4).

If the drink tastes too sharp, bourbon “jumps out”, add strawberry syrup drop by drop, stirring and tasting until you’re satisfied. You know when you hit the spot: when strawberry cuts “the edge” off the bourbon, but sturdy corn alcohol still supports the whole.

That’s it. As I promised earlier… next time we’ll check out “dark tastes”.

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