Only mocktails this time (Human Torch, Iron Man, Sinestro)

I’ve been working on mocktails lately, and I decided to publish all of them in the same post. No cocktails today, but don’t worry: we’ll get back to those next time.

Mocktail compilation is updated, you can find it and other downloads in Recipes and downloads.




4 parts carrot juice

4 parts apple juice

1 part red grenadine

dash of vanilla extract

couple dashes of Tabasco sauce

Shake with ice and strain into a suitable glass, add some ice.

Two cocktail versions of Human Torch are both fiery in their own way. In this mocktail version I decided to balance Tabasco with vanilla (vanilla goes surprisingly well with carrot), otherwise the result would have been too straightforward, actually a bit dull… I hope you like it.




1 part tomato juice

1 part energy drink (of your choice)

(dash of Tabasco sauce)

Build into a highball glass, add some ice.

Iron Man The Cocktail is build around two principles: “mechanical” taste (since his powers derive from “machine” source) and tomato juice… Tony Stark is an alcoholic, I’m sure he has enjoyed quite a many Bloody Marys for hangover during the years; let’s include the main ingredient of that drink for the namesake cocktail also. And it suits the colour theme, too.

Same guidelines for mocktail. Energy drink, with its stingy taste, works fine for non-alcoholic Iron Man representation. By the way, if you didn’t know… that stingy taste is derived from taurine, which is manufactured out of bile. yes, bile from gallbladder. Taurine doesn’t make you active or something, but the defiency of it can make you feel tired; that’s why it’s added to energy drinks.

Anyway, that stingy taste is great non-alcoholic alternative for creating “cold and mechanical” feel for a drink. Mixed with tomato juice… I think it’s a decent mixture. Tabasco sauce is not essential, feel free to add it for extra kick.

I’m working on a second version of Iron Man The Cocktail… nothing wrong with first version, but I feel that Tony Stark deserves another cocktail bearing his name. It’s going to be published next winter, stay tuned.




3 parts Mountain Dew

1/2 to 1 part orange juice

dash of vanilla extract

(small dash of lime juice, if any)

Build into a suitable glass, add crushed ice.

Long time since I’ve been reading Green Lantern… I picked up Sinestro War albums and crammed them ravenously. Cocktail versions of Parallax and Kilowog coming up next winter, maybe some other Green/Yellow Lantern Corps Characters…

…but I decided to start with a mocktail version of Sinestro. Since the proper mixture of lager, Galliano and lime juice somehow create a taste of Mountain Dew, I simple decided to use it as a basis for non-alcoholic drink. Very refreshing summer drink, I hope you like it.

That’s it for today. Next time, superhero drinks with alcohol 😀



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