Comic Reliefs (Bouncing Boy, Plastic Man)

Some superheroes are dead serious, to the point where writers feel forced insert little jokes about their dark and grim worldview in the stories… for example Batman and The Punisher.

Some characters, however, are downright ridicilous, from the moment they are sketched on the paper for the very first time. Today we’ll concentrate on them.




Blue part, top:

White rum

Blue Curacao, for colour

Black part, bottom:

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

1 part Bols Cocoa White (or similar liqueur)

1 part tequila blanco

(1 part simple syrup, if you feel like it)

black food colouring

Add some ice to an old fashioned glass (somehow I feel essential that single big ice ball is used). Shake parts separately with ice and layer into the glass: black bottom, blue top. You can serve it with a straw or without one, see below.



Well, if this character isn’t a Comic Relief, I don’t know what is… The namesake cocktail is not just alcohols with right colour, layered on top of another, with an ice ball underlining the shape of the character…

Blue top layer is dry and pretty harsh; well, it’s basically just rum. The black bottom layer, however, is nothing but… the blend of cocoa and blueberry, spiked with tequila, creates a taste that “bounces” in the mouth 😀

Personally I prefer going through the blue part first (experiencing the high peak of bouncing trajectory) and then diving into the bottom of the bounce, where The Boy squashes like a superball, ready to launch himself up into the sky again… but if you want to experience multiple bounces during this drink, enjoy it with the straw and alternate between the layers.

You might hate this character (many people do), but please give the cocktail a try: it’s deee-licious 😀




3 parts Campari

2 parts vodka

2 parts sala syrup

8 parts apple juice

Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in.



Marvel has Mr. Fantastic, DC has Elongated Man (sorry, no cocktail yet, I’ve been thinking about it since I last time read The Identity Crisis once again)… and then there’s Plastic Man.

The comical aspects of a stretching superhero are so obvious, this character had to be created by someone in the business. The principle of the cocktail is simple… the taste streches, like a rubber band. And the taste is “hilarious”, sala syrup does that, that’s why I used it in Deadpool.


Couple of silly (but tasty) summer drinks… so what’s next? I was planning to publish something under the title “These two have been delayed for too long”… but I guess they have to be delayed little more…

I got a cocktail request for Gambit. I’ve been working on that character for some time now, but I just can’t get “The Feel” right… I have my notes for different approaches, I guess I have to explore them again… and then there is also another X-Man to be published with him.

I’ll see you in a week or two. Enjoy your cocktails! 😀


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