Girl Power (Batgirl, Supergirl)

Hello again. This will be the last post before a little summer break, I’ll be back in few weeks: before the end of July, if not earlier.

Don’t worry. I combined ALL published cocktail recipes so far in one PDF, you can download it from here: [EDIT: please check out updated compilations from Recipes and downloads ] It’s 15 pages (34 recipes), yet in very compact form. If you’re interested in deeper philosophy behind certain cocktail, check out the related link in Recipes.

In addition to actual recipes I inserted a chart to help you to find your favourite drink easily. You can also find my recommendations for right drinks for right occasion… summer is upon us, so there’s a lot of “Summer Refreshments” ;P

Before we get to todays Girl Power Cocktails (which are both included in PDF above)… until now, this blog has been nothing but DC characters, and mostly Batman Villains: that’s about to change. After my short summer break I’ll start introducing you cocktails based on MARVEL CHARACTERS.

So you have something to wait… and time to test my recipes. And now our first cocktail of the day…



So, what’s Batgirl like? I’m thinking playful, yet somehow somber. You might misjudge her being weak, frail stature and all… but she sure packs a punch.

I think Heering cherry liqueur fits here perfectly. Also, as I noted earlier: it’s summer time, and people are drinking Singapore Slings so they’ll have Heering bottle lying around.

-1 part whiskey

-1 part Heering

-1 part unsweetened apple juice

Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass, add some ice.

I think it has pretty nice colour: dark, yet somehow feminine. I’m pretty pleased with a taste also, it combines different elements nicely. If you prefer longer version, add apple juice… not too much, though, or the drink will dilute down to something dull.

If you think Batgirl packs a punch, check out the next one…



This is for all you who desire stronger heroine-themed drink. Sure, I’ve given you Harley Quinn which sure is strong (and seems to be everyone’s favourite, I’m happy to say)… but my other heroine cocktails are more or less on the mild side in alcohol content: Catwoman, even Wonder Woman despite of fiery ginger taste. Poison Ivy is pretty mean, but “Pamela”-version is milder… which, of course, was my intent.

Not every drink has to be A Killer, but I thought that Supergirl must be pretty powerful!

-4 parts dark rum

-2 part red grenadine

-1 part cream

It’s better to add the cream last. Shake with ice and strain into old fashioned glass, add some ice. Garnish with red cherry and some “girly stuff” to lure people to believe this is something… well, “girly stuff”.

Don’t use your cheapest dark rum on this one, it sure tastes better with something a bit more expensive… Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve works well in “Pamela“, and so does it with this one.

If you find “Supergirl” too mean, try 2 parts rum, 2 parts grenadine and 1 part cream.

[EDIT: please check out my second version of Supergirl here]

So, that’s it for today. See you in a few weeks, let’s check out Marvel Cocktails… and for those of you who celebrate it (as we do here in Finland)…


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