Cosmic Power, once again (Mr.Mxyzptlk, Silver Surfer)

I’ve used Cosmic Power twice before as my guideline in the post: Galactus and Spectre.  They were accompanied by couple of fellas with bows, Green Arrow and Hawkeye… but no bows this time, only Cosmic Power.



If this blog wouldn’t be about superhero cocktails, I would call this “Jupiter”.


This is certainly the most laborious cocktail to prepare in this blog, by far… and it’s “technical description”, philosophy and all, it’s going to be longest of them all. And, if you prepare it into half-liter glass, as in the globe above, you’re gonna be in “The Party Mood” after drinking just one glass. Thanks for delightful novelty highball glass, Test Subject S.!

So, the recipe…

Prepare the layers separately beforehand and then layer them one by one. I think the best way is to mix them all up separately, add ice and shake the one which is about to be layered, and proceed layer by layer.

Start with putting lots of ice in the big highball glass, then start layering… from the first to the last, i.e. from bottom toward the top:

1st layer, brown:

3 parts Kahlúa

1 part ginger rum (see below)

2nd layer, purple (see below):

1 part Parfait Amour

1 part Triple Sec

dash of Tabasco sauce

3rd layer, red:

2 parts Passõa

1 part Campari

4th layerdark yellow:

1 part white rum

1 part dark rum

2 parts orange juice

2 parts pineapple juice

few dashes of Angostura Bitters

5th layer, light yellow:

1 part vodka

1 part pineapple juice

Phew, that’s it! Add a straw and maybe some weird garnish (or serve the drink in the weird glass, as pictured). Drink with straw, altering between different layers randomly.

The layers of this drink have pretty different densities, i.e. sugar and/or alcohol percentages, they should layer with ease. By the way, my other layered drinks, so far, are Joker and The Atom.

Brown layer… First time I used ginger rum in Wonder Woman (Golden Lasso) and The Flash, check out that post how it’s done. The brown layer is basically Judge Anderson.

The second layer, purple, is the drink that I’ve known as Paradiso: 1 part Parfait Amour, 1 part Triple Sec, garnish with tangerine peel… except we’ll replace peel with Tabasco sauce to create A Twist, bit like in the Punch Line of Joker.

You can skip the purple layer, if you absolutely have to. I wouldn’t recommed it, though: althought you actually can’t see the purple layer as a clear line between brown and red layer, you can see the lack of it, if you know what I mean. Purple layer’s taste isn’t the most dominant in this one, but it’s nice to taste it in there now and then, to search for it: certain kind of weird sweet, with a Tabasco twist.

Red layer is basically Two-Face, modified for this purpose: less Passõa works better for this purpose, I think. Anyway, passion fruit with nice Campari twist.

Dark yellow is my version of Planter’s Punch. I’ve served it as a punch under the name “Voodoo Magic” and shamelessly I think it’s better than official IBA version: it does NOT need any lime/lemon or added sugar, it’s better without them, “weight” of dark rum eased with some white rum… more “mystical”, more “intoxicating”… more “voodoo”.

Light Yellow is pretty sharp in taste, and it’s purpose is to counterbalance all that melting ice that keeps the drink cold.

SO… all layers have a taste with a twist… and there are lots of layers, so it’s a twist after a twist when you move your straw randomly and taste little here, little there… it’s an avalanche of tastes…

…and that’s how it should be, considering Mr. Mxyzptlk is the 5th dimension inhabitant, almost omnipotent being who can ridicule Superman as he wishes.

Preparing this drink is a huge task… luckily the next one is much more easier…



Aluminium foil is the best I could come up with… but it works surprisingly well… I guess.


2 to 3 parts Bols Cacao White

1 part kirschwasser

Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

Silver Surfer can zoom at incredible speeds with his board, so I guess he is best represented with a shot (since it’s enjoyed fast). Some might say that the unholy union of Cacao and strong bitterish cherry isn’t Mysterious and Cosmic enough… I think it is.

I used Cacao White in many Fantastic Four Cocktails, so if you wanna have a F4-themed cocktail party, their adversary’s cocktail’s ingredient is already included in the shopping list. You still need to buy kirschwasser for this one, though.


Phew, that really was pretty laborious, and Mr. Mxyzptlk sure is a huge task to prepare… Something much more easy next time…


4 thoughts on “Cosmic Power, once again (Mr.Mxyzptlk, Silver Surfer)”

  1. I just love, love, LOVE the look of Mr. Mxz.. y… smthngsmthng… 😀 As soon as I’m back in the game of heavy boozin’, let’s have a night I will definitely forget! I’d love to try this, although I know it is a lot to make (and drink). Maybe a small one? For someone else than me, too? Or a part or two to try? And I also liked the Halloween cocktails, I’d definitely try them both!
    P.S. Yeah, I know, I might be out of the game for good, but hey, a girl can hope – can she? One needs to have some goals in life! 😀


    1. Unfortunately there are no small versions of Mr. Mxyzptlk, take it or leave it ;P Okay seriously… Mr. M. doesn’t have to be in half-litre glass, but if it’s made in miniature glass it’s difficult to see and taste different layers. I guess we can try some kind of “tube glass”, tall and tight.

      About this year’s Halloween drinks… Blade is nice, goes well for part-iee, but I think John Constantine is one of my best creations for a while; that is, if you like sour cocktails.

      Let’s hope you make it back to the Game.


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