Aye, aye, Captain! (Captain Atom, Captain Marvel)

Whole lotta Captains around here today… Two strong cocktails coming up. The other one is for elegant sipping; the other one is for more vulgar occasions, suitable for upcoming summer’s parties that tend to get out of control.

“JLA” and “Avengers Assemble!” cocktail compilations are updated, please feel free to check them out in Recipes and downloads.



2 parts De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

1 part vodka

dash of lemon juice

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

[EDIT: please check out Carol Danvers version of this drink here.]

Antics considering the use of name “Captain Marvel” in comics are grotesque legal stunts, but let’s not delve deeper into that: this blog is about cocktails inspired by comic book superheroes, not about legal travesty between two publishers.

(The other Captain Marvel can be found in this post)

I had some problems with creating a drink for Marvel’s Captain Marvel… Mar-vell has experienced so many deaths and resurresctions through the years, I don’t know which version I should base her/his cocktail on. The colour? Should it be mostly blue, less red, or vice versa? Or completely white? Which version should the taste represent?

This blog is about superheroes in comic books, not just the ones in movies, that’s why I automatically didn’t go for Carol Danvers.

Instead of entangling myself with these dilemmas I decided to create a cocktail that fits the descriptions “powerful comic book character” and “something to be taken seriously”.

I humbly accept the criticism of Captain Marvel fans for creating “something too general” for their idol… but at least give this drink a try, because it’s delicious!

Ater discovering De Kyuper’s Sour Rhubarb I’ve had trouble of restraining myself for not building every single cocktail design around it. I know this is a temporary phase, I will get over this and move on… but I will be introducing quite a few recipes utilizing this delightfully zesty liqueur in the future: there is no point of publishing all of them at once, you’ll get bored.

You probably noticed this isn’t my first Sour Rhubarb cocktail, please check out Raven.

And now onto the second cocktail of the day…



3 parts white rum

2 parts peach liqueur

1 part Luxardo Maraschino

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass with some crushed ice in it. Garnish with bright red cherry, and if you feel like it, all sorts of “atomic” stuff (maybe something like in Dr. Manhattan).

This is the drink for summer parties’ late, late night phase: when you should be sleeping, but you go on an’ on an’ on in drunken rampage… Maybe you started with Fantastic Four, a family of drinks for summer parties: starting with apertifs, through sweet digestives and highballs… then you were gullible enough to try Hulk The Drinking Game… and then you noticed the recipe of Black Widow in the same post, and got incited to try another drinking game I suggested: “which one is the most badass assassin, Black Widow or Deadshot?”…

…And when all hope is lost… enter Captain Atom.

Don’t try this cocktail when you sober, it’s not designed for that! You should have at least few drinks before, should’ve familiarized yourself with alcohol buzz once again… Then this drink hits the spot! And there’s a trap: crushed ice cools down the drink better than cubes, but it also melts more quickly… at some point you’ll notice that the taste is getting little watered down, and you rush to finish the drink… resulting in even more serious intoxication, at accelerated speed.

Why did I design Captain Atom The Cocktail like this? Well… the fellow is a living nuclear reactor, so his namesake beverage can’t be moderate highball! In the Kingdom Come story Parasite ripped him open, and the resulting blast wiped out whole Kansas… so high alcohol content is compulsory.

And if we’re getting highly thematic… the hangover associated with drinking too many of these depicts the the radioactive fallout of that particular Kansas nuclear disaster ;P

That’s it. This time: Captains. Next time: X-men.

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