Duality (Two-Face)

Easy way to approach the character would be some layered shot. Too easy, too obvious, I wanted to represent Dent’s duality in the taste of the drink, not just in the appearance.

This proved out as a difficult task. You can mix two different aromas, but to keep them separate throughout the lifespan of one cocktail… my experiments ended up as disappointing muddles, one after another…

Then I discovered that god-forsaken bottle of Passoã from the dusty corner of my cabinet. I bought it long ago, out of curiosity; taste was horribly artificial, I suppose it’s targeted for teenage customers… I buried the bottle in the bar cabinet, out of sight… but Passoã turned out as the “secret ingredient” I had been looking for!




-3 parts Passoã

-1 part Campari

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into highball glass. Lots of ice.


The drink is simple but effective. Every sip you take… first you taste that kinda childish sweetness, and when it washes away Campari ambushes you; sip after sip, I love it. Finally some use for Passoã! If you prefer more of that bitter aftertaste, simply add Campari.

Only one recipe this time, sorry about that. Two recipes next time, I promise.


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