Liberty… or Death? (Captain America, Dr. Doom)

Publishing these two cocktails has been delayed for too long…




I’ve bashed Passoã for it’s “juice liqueur for teenagers” taste, first time in Two-Face: it turned out to be a-okay highball, but I thought I’ll never find any other decent use for Passoã… and then I published Flame On!… and now Captain America. So I stand corrected: Passoã is proper liqueur.

In my very first post my guidelines for Man of Steel were “simple, straightforward, blue (of course) and since there’s a word “American”… it has to be sweet and contain bourbon.”

This time I’ll skip bourbon and instead of blue the drink will be red, white and blue… but all the other attributes above can be found in this cocktail.

-4 parts Passoã

-2 parts pineapple juice

-1 part red grenadine

-1 part Triple Sec

-Blue Curacao, cooled in freezer

Shake ingredients (except Blue Curacao) with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Top with a dash of freezingly cold Blue Curacao, it should set between white pineapple juice foam and the rest of the drink.

“Captain America” works well as an after-dinner dessert, he kinda arrives to save the day after the Evil Forces have triumphed for a while. And so, the Evil Force apertif is no one else but…




This apertif is for those who love vodka martinis, but wouldn’t say no to tiny portion of sweet in their favourite cocktail.

-4 parts vodka

-2 parts Noilly Prat (or in an emergency some other dry vermouth, but N.P. is the best)

-1 part Pisang Ambon

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.


So: you start with Dr.Doom’s reign of terror, and after that Cap makes a heroic entry. That’s the way it should be 😀


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