Tour de force (Deathstroke)

Last time I promised you the best cocktail in the world, even surpassing Tony Bennett I fussed earlier. Well, I don’t know about absolute #1… they’re both great recipes, but completely different: T.B. is a sweet highball, and “French Intervention” is nothing but. I guess they’re both winners in their own categories.

But first let’s take a look at today’s superhero… or supervillain…




So, what about Slade Wilson? I guess his drink should be intriguing, yet easy to make… since he executes his plans effortlessly, still the outcome is somehow devious and more complex than predicted. So…

Roll the rim of the highball glass in blue curacao and dip it in sugar.

-1 part dark rum

-1 part Campari

-3 parts orange juice

Shake with ice and strain into glass, add some ice.


The excellence of Campari + orange juice-combo is common knowledge; it’s suggested in the Campari bottle, nothing new there… but I think that suggested ratio 1:1 isn’t ideal, and you can add some character to the mix with dark rum. Feel free to experiment with different ratios.

[EDIT: check out my second version of Deathstroke here]

And now our second recipe…




This is from Amy Stewart’s excellent book “The Drunken Botanist”.

-2 parts reposado tequila or mezcal

-1 part Lillet Blanc

-dash of Green Chartreuse

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with grapefruit peel.

I strongly recommend using San Cosme Mezcal.

So what’s the story, why “French Intervention”? In Stewart’s own words…

“This blend of French and Mexican ingredients is named after 1862 French invasion of Mexico that brought Dr. Weber, who named Agave tequilana, to the country.”


Enjoy. I know I did.


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