It’s a kinda Magic, part 2 (Enchantress, Calypso)

In the first “It’s a kinda Magic”-post I introduced cocktails for Dr. Fate, Dr. Strange and Zatanna Zatara. Today we’ll check out couple more characters dabbling in magic, and since it’s warm and bright outside, the drink are going to be “summery”.




1 part ginger rum

2 parts sour apple liqueur

1 part apple juice

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. “Mystical/magical” garnish.

Delighful little drink with the fiery of ginger, accompanied with the sweet ‘n sour of apple liqueur; apple juice is there to cut down the sharp taste a little.

Decent representation of June Moore’s powers, I dare to say… but if you’re looking for a cool highball for those hot summer afternoons, you should turn your gaze to the Caribbean…




4 parts whisky (or dark rum, see below)

4 parts Midori

1,5 parts Heering

1 part green Chartreuse

8 parts pineapple juice

4 parts orange juice

1,5 parts lemon juice

1 part red grenadine

Shake with ice and strain into a suitable highball glass with lots of ice in it. Weirdest voodoo garnish you can come up with.

Calypso, being a voodoo priestess from the Caribbean, demanded a “weird tropical highball” as her namesake cocktail. I started with a fusion of Singapore Sling and Planter’s Punch… And after that disappointment I started adding this and removing that… and after numerous days of trial and error I came up with this.

There’s not much of either the Sling or the Punch left, but instead we have a bizarre medley of aromas… if this isn’t “The Taste of Voodoo”, I don’t know what is!

“But there’s no rum in it?”, you say, “what kind of “Voodoo Drink” is that?” You’re right, no rum. You can substitute whisky for dark rum with a very strong flavour… but somehow I feel this works better with whisky.

That’s it for today. See you next time!


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