Preparing for Midsummer’s Eve (Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman, revisited one_more_time)

Okay. In this blog we’ve seen quite a many cocktail versions of Pamela Isley: Poison Ivy and Pamela and Poison Ivy: The Green – in that same post was a third version of Wonder Woman, “Diana”: the earlier versions of WW were “Golden Lasso” and, well, “Wonder Woman”.

Of course there are mocktail versions of both Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman.

I guess that would be enough to cover those characters.


…but Test Subject S. just kept bugging me, and finally I gave up. Actually she had a point: there are no sparkling wine versions of either character.

So here they are, presented by the Test Subject S. herself 🙂




6 parts sparkling wine

1 part Creme de Menthe

1 part Fernet Branca

Build into a champagne flute or coupe.

This actually has truly “poisonous yet alluring” taste, I’m pretty content with this drink. It works well with dry and a bit more sweeter bubbly.




2 parts sweetened sparkling wine

1 part cherry jelly bean tequila

(a dash of lemon juice)

Build into a champagne flute or coupe.

Well, this is a killer… but so it should be: Diana is a formidable opponent, not to be taken lightly. The clash of sweet cherry and tequila sting, accompanied with a lightness of bubbly… you’ll feel like Amazon, ready for battle, after a couple of these 🙂


Okay, I think we’ve seen enough drinks for these two characters… but these sparkling wine versions inspired me further… next time: bubbly versions for Batgirl and HQ 😀


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