Enemies of The Flash (Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash, Weather Wizard)

I spend the turn of the year hiding from civilization: up north, in the middle of snow banks, charging my batteries and getting ready for the coming year.

I came up with these ideas… they’re both based on very familiar drinks, Lemon Drop Martini and Screwdriver, but they are so twisted that they stand on their own feet, so to speak.


2 parts vodka

1 part Triple Sec

1 part lemon juice

1 part orange juice

dash of Tabasco sauce

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with red cherry.

I enjoyed few Lemon Drop Martinis during the holidays… 3 parts vodka (according to IBA it should be vodka citron, but I think regular does it), 2 parts Triple Sec and 1,5 parts lemon juice. Zesty little drink… I decided to do some experiments with the ratios; adding orange juice kinda “softens” the drink, still retaining citrus sourness… but it needed something…

Please don’t overdo Tabasco! You have the right amount of sauce when you taste the drink and start pondering “what’s this extra kick in here..?” The key is to preserve the sourness and not overcome it with pepper.

And how is this Reverse-Flash? Compare it with The Flash; this is the “evil version”, am I right? ;P


1 part vodka

1 part lemon juice

3 parts orange juice

Sarsaparilla syrup, to taste

Blue Curacao, for adjusting colour to green

Stir with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in it. More beautiful version: use Blue Curacao only for the half of the drink, leaving the other half yellow. Layer into the glass, yellow on top of the green. It’s done in the pic above but I guess camera didn’t catch the light colour variations properly… IRL you can see the difference. It’s nice, worth extra labour.

It’s a storm in the glass… not because of the alcohol content, but because sarsaparilla and lemon juice twist the tornado in your mouth. Feel free to cut down orange juice.

And a nice bonus… this works OK as mocktail, simply skip the vodka.

Screwdriver acted as a basis for Weather Wizard… but I wandered pretty far from basic orange+vodka concept; as I usually do when screwing around with Screw, please check out Electro and Wolverine (Logan).

Couple of pretty simple designs; something more ambitious next time 🙂

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