Midsummer Girl Power! (Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman revisited)

Hello! With today’s cocktails I hit 175 recipes, please check out the updated compilation in Recipes and downloads.

Midsummer’s Eve is upon us, I’m gonna take a little break from writing this blog… couple of weeks, I’ll be back in July.

But without further delay, today’s cocktails…




2 parts gin

4 parts Lillet

1 to 2 parts Bols Pear (or similar pear liqueur)


Pour gin into a cocktail shaker, add few cucumber wheels. Mash with suitable pestle until you have a green pulp.

Let it rest for a while, in the meantime garnish highball glass with cucumbers, add some ice.

Add Lillet, pear liqueur and some ice into the shaker. Shake and strain into the glass.

My first two Poison Ivy cocktails are very different from each other: Poison Ivy is… well “toxic”, when Poison Ivy (Pamela) is sweet and seducing. I designed the mocktail version based on (non-alcoholic) sparkling wine or pear lemonade… That gave me the idea, why not utilize pear for alcoholic version also?

Cucumber and gin give certain “sourness” to the drink, and Lillet also adds its own quinine aroma… balanced with sweet pear, now we have the drink that tries to depict The Green, the way Poison Ivy harnesses that power. I think it’s pretty decent highball, try it out if you want something “non-fruit juice sweet” as a refreshment in your summer holiday.

For another look on The Green, please check out Swamp Thing (The Green).




7 cl (2 2/3 oz) De Kyuper Sour Rhubarb

4 cl (1 1/2 oz) Jim Beam (or salmiac Jim Beam, see below)

vanilla extract, to taste

egg white (see below)

(dash of simple syrup, if needed)

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish appropriately (I got lazy when taking the pic).

My first Wonder Woman The Cocktail sports fiery ginger taste; suitable for a noble Amazon in the battlefield. The second version uses salmiac Jim Beam… I think it’s a great drink, but since salmiac is not widely available worldwide, I decided to design one more version of WW… sour and “crisp” sour rhubarb tells you this dame isn’t to be fooled around with; vanilla extract reminds that she has a gentle side, too; bourbon adds substance, salmiac version even more…

…and egg white ties it together to a very pleasant cocktail experience. And if you absolutely loathe egg white in your cocktail, this drink can be manufactured without it. It’s going to be very sweet, so please add some crushed ice to the glass, to keep it cool for a longer time (to cut down the sweet factor).


So there it is, third version of both Poison Ivy and Wonder Woman… I don’t think I’ll meddle on those two characters anymore… but there are still numerous superheroes and villains to be covered… ;P



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