Cloning (Spidey Clone, Carrion, Jackal)

Okay, let’s start with an off topic rant. I’m on my late 40’s but I use computer every day at work so I’m not a total fossil… and I must say this new and “improved” Worpress Editor which I’m now forced to use is completely moronic.

Well, on with the show… I’ll just waste my time later, trying to get hold of this “user-friendly” piece of s***… onto today’s cocktails…

Last time I bragged about revisiting some characters again; well, I’m not going to publish “This-and-that v.8.0” – instead of that I’m going to take a look of a certain storyline that dominated that character’s adventures for a long time… and that storyline, My Dear Fellow Superhero Dipsomaniacs, is The Spider-Man Clone Phenomenon.

I kinda crossed this topic when I published Carnage and Scarlet Spider earlier…

…but now we’ll take a deeper dive in the subject.


2 parts reposado/gold tequila

3 parts Passoã

1 part orange juice

dash of lemon juice

some red grenadine (for adjusting colour to “Spidey Red”)

Blue Curacao (please see below)

It’s a drinking game! Which one is The Original Spider-Man? Which one is a clone? Place your bets, and prepare to get hammered! 🙂

You need to prepare two sets of Blue Curacao layers: one is plain Curacao, one is “spiced” with eg. Tabasco sauce (or something else which gives out distinctive taste but doesn’t alter the colour).

Pour the blue layers into two different glasses and add some ice. Shake other ingredients with ice and layer onto the top and serve: before the tasting “the victim” must guess which one is which… the penalty/reward is up to your local drinking game rules – usually more drinking 🙂

More drinking games?


Yellow-ish top layer:

2 parts extra dry vermouth

2 parts orange juice

1 part coconut cream

(vodka, to taste)

Dark brown bottom layer:

half strong coffee, half simple syrup, kahlúa to taste

Shake layers separately with ice. Strain into a highball glass with lots of ice it, layering the yellowish part on top of the brown part.

Please note that the brown part should be around 1/3 of the volume of the yellow part. When you pour in the bottom layer you think that there is no space in the glass for the top layer… but when you start layering you’ll notice that brown part compresses into a smaller space: eg. in the picture above the brown part was almost up to half way of the glass, you can see how much it… well, diminished after layering.

“Yuck, it’s separating!”…and it’s supposed to do that: let’s face it, “Carrion” is not a name of the fella who has a reputation of maintaining high levels of personal hygiene or style. Don’t worry, it won’t affect the taste… and there’s always that sweet delight in the form of brown layer.

I dare to say… I’m pretty content with this cocktail. The colour theme, the taste, the feel… it’s all Carrion. And the best thing is that you can enjoy it as a mocktail, just leave out alcohol: it still tastes great, “carriony”.

This whole clone subject inspired me to design third drink; if I publish Carrion The Cocktail, there is also one other character which I’m compelled to visit…


3 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part Midori

up to 0,5 part sarsaparilla syrup

Shake with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in it.

It’s somewhat sour, kinda bitter… dry, spicy… definitely the drink of the embittered man, and if Professor Warren isn’t embittered I don’t know who is! And the colour is just right, that weird kinda-camo/olive green, same as Jackal; this, of course, depends on the brand and amount of sarsaparilla syrup you’re using.

Okay, folks… I’ll see you in September 🙂

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