Pink Poison (Chemo)

We’re not talking about cancer treatment; we’re talking about malicious mountain of toxic waste.


This is the Chemo I liked as a kid, the reason I modelled the cocktail mostly pink. I’m aware that the modern Chemo is coloured plain green…


…but I guess we’ve seen enough green drinks. And we’ve heard enough talk, now it’s time for the actual recipe!




Prepare weird-coloured ice cubes beforehand. Add red/blue/green grenadine to water to get the colour right, not too much or it won’t freeze properly.

You also need to cool Blue Curacao and Creme de Menthe in the freezer.

-1 part vodka

-1 part Campari

-1 part simple syrup

-1 part cream

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass. Add coloured ice and gently pour cold Blue Curacao and Creme de menthe on top. Curacao will drift around, but Menthe will descent to the bottom pretty quickly, and that’s okay…

…because after drinking the whole glass of milkysweetbitter Campari + cream-combo you’ll welcome the breezy mint dessert! Make sure you pour in enough Menthe, I recommend around 1/2 cm (1/4 inch) layer.


And there’s another delicious pink drink you might have heard about…




If you’ve never tried this, it’s about time!

-1 part coconut milk

-1 part evaporated milk

-1 part blanco tequila

-red grenadine for colour

Put the ingredients into blender, mix with ice and strain into highball glass, add some ice. If you don’t have a blender, whip the milks together vigorously, add tequila and shake with ice.

Anyway: sprinkle some cinnamon on top, serve with straw.

This is a breezy drink: cool cream with a tequila sting (like Jack Frost), with delicious cinnamon aroma. The straw is actually essential: you can slurp cinnamon from the top when you want to “spice up” the drink.


I hope you’ll enjoy these highballs. Next time we’ll venture to the swamp…


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