Metal Men (Colossus, Iron Man)

It’s January, soon February… it’s cold and dark…

…it’s a great time for spontaneous drinking binge! You know, just to keep you warm.

This time I’ll publish only shot recipes. You know, just to be digested as a schnapps before a meal. And with that meal you can enjoy eg. Thor or Wolverine. You know, just to wash down the food.



Zdravstvui, tovarishch! Greetings from Ust-Ordynsky Collective! Here in Siberia we do not do no fancy drinks, we keep it simple. Za vaŝe zdorovje!”


-Gammel Dansk, around 1 teaspoon per 4cl (1 1/2 oz) of vodka

-few drops of Blue Curacao

Shake with ice and strain into shot glass. Shoot, no sipping!

This is actually pretty delicate drink (at least I think so). Usually vodka is used as “tasteless ethanol” to give voltage to cocktail without affecting overall aroma… in “Colossus” you actually can taste vodka (especially if you didn’t shake it too cold, and used high quality vodka, eg. pictured Russian Standard). Gammel Dansk adds “socialist realism” (as does Fernet Branca in Black Widow), and Blue Curacao softens that bitterness little bit… and it also adjusts colour to “Siberian Arctic”… or windshield detergent ;P



-1 part gin

-1 part Amaretto di Saronno

-2 parts tomato juice

Shake with ice and strain into shot glass.

Yes, I know: it tastes… synthetic? …kinda “mechanical”? Exactly! The suit makes the Iron Man, that’s why I was looking for “technical” taste. Amaretto is the main ingredient in creating this taste, that liqueur is great for generating eerie undertones (as we saw in The Punisher).

Also… Tony Stark has a tendency for uncontollable drinking (that’s why the drink named after him is A SHOT), I’m quite sure he has been gulping quite a few Bloody Marys during his life, to cope with earthshaking hangovers. That’s why I used tomato juice, essential ingredient of Bloody Mary… and the red also matches with the suit’s colour theme.


I hope these drinks help you to keep warm during cold winter… more warming recipes next time. See you then!


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