Leaping Day (Dr. Strange revisited, Mysterio… and maybe Hulk 2.0?)

Leaping Day always has had certain “magic appeal” to me. It only occurs every four years… so everything that happens February 29th kinda “slumbers” until the next Leaping Day.

And even if we discard all mystical qualities of that particular day, still we have some real world oddities concerning it… for example different legal viewpoints in various jurisdictions: if you’re born Feb 29th, which day you actually have your birthday during non-leaping years? And most importantly, while we were youngsters… do you attain your legal drinking age in Feb 28th or March 1st? ;P

And so we move onto our alcoholic refreshments…




1 egg white

6 cl (2 oz) cognac (Camus VS strongly recommended)

3 cl (1 oz) Kahlúa

1 cl (1/3 oz) sarsaparilla syrup

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

My first Dr. Strange cocktail looks pretty weird, maybe even uninspiring… but The Magic is in the taste. Stephen Strange looks like a basic passer-by (well, at least while wearing ordinary clothes instead of Cloak of Levitation and other weird garments) but when he unleashes his powers…

I decided to continue in the chosen path. Sorcerer Supreme has a same kind of dull dark brown colour as my first take on the doc, but the taste is guaranteed to surprise you; different surprise as in the cocktail version #1, but surprise anyway.



My desperate attemps to capture purple colour realistically with my camera continue…


Green part, top:

2 parts dry prosecco

1 part Pisang Ambon

dash of Tabasco sauce (don’t overdo it)

dash of pineapple juice

Purple part, bottom:

2 parts Parfait Amour

1 part simple syrup

dash of pineapple juice

dash of cheap gin/smoky mezcal/something with “A Sting”

Add crushed ice into a champagne flute. Shake purple part ingredients with ice and strain into the glass. Stir green part ingredients with ice and gently layer into the top of the purple part.

Quentin Beck, the master of deception and trickery; you’ll never know what’s coming… Please be careful with Tabasco sauce, you won’t need much: the idea is to give a surprising and satisfying element to prosecco-pisang-combo, not to turn it into a fiery sludge. And the surprise twist of the purple bottom part is entirely up to you; everything with sharp taste works pretty well… maybe use both cheap gin and mezcal? It would be pretty dull to resort to Tabasco sauce in the bottom part as well… if you yearn for Final Chili Kick In The Teeth in the purple bottom part, please check out Joker.

And now onto today’s third cocktail, and that’s a bit of an enigma…



Sorry folks: this really should have a purple stirrer, but I didn’t have one at the moment.


1 to 1,5 parts cheap and stingy gin

2 parts Pisang Ambon

0,5 to 1 part coconut milk

1 part pineapple juice

dash or two of Tabasco sauce

Shake vigorously with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in it. Serve with a stirrer (as coconut milk may start to separate a little)

I got bit carried away with Mysterio, I started to design him another cocktail as well; I decided to explore the coconut milk again, haven’t done it for a while… but as the drink started to take its form I realized that the result might be Hulk The Cocktail as well!

My first Hulk cocktail is pretty decent, I dare to say, no urgent need to design another one… but something in this drink turned my thoughts to Angry Green Giant. First Hulk Cocktail “tells a story” of Dr. Banner turning into Hulk; this one depicts the pure anger, or the violent experience of getting in the blast radius of the gamma bomb.

But this drink is Quentin Beck, as well… looks innocent, but plays you for a fool if you think it’s just a mellow watered-down happy hour highball.

I simply could not decide, my dear Test Subjects were as indecisive as me… so you’ll have to check it out and decide for yourself.


Mysterio took my thoughts to Sinister Six… so next time we’ll check out more Spider-Man adversaries 😀


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