Monster energy drink (Cannonball and Hulk, revisited again)

Today is Midsummer’s Eve… and it has been hot for many, many days; at least here in Southern Finland.

So, there are both cultural and physical reasons for refreshing coolers in this post. Doctors warn that energy drinks are not the best way to hydrate in a hot summer day, it even might be dangerous to drink them as main liquid… so we add some alcohol ;P

Okay, seriously… remember to drink water once in a while when it’s hot. But still… I’ll introduce couple of energy drink highballs featuring bomb shot technique.

I’ve done it before, with Jean Grey… but now, onto today’s drinks!


Large glass:

1 part Monster energy drink (or some other substitute)

1 part extra dry vermouth

Shot glass:

1 part Campari

1 part vodka

some sarsaparilla syrup

Pour energy drink and vermouth into a larger glass, do not fill it up. Add some ice, preferably crushed (the “bomb” will sink better).

Bomb shot ingredients: shake with ice and strain into a shot glass.

So, here we are… we have two glasses. Take a sip from both of them: shot glass contents taste pretty rough, and larger glass’ kinda weird/bland. It’s time to blast off!

So this is what it’ll look like… you can serve the drink with a stirrer if you like, but I think the elements will blend together quite fine without any extra help… and it’s kinda fun to watch two colours slowly fusion together.

Cannonball, Samuel Guthrie…I’ve been pondering how to represent the character, and I decided this bomb shot template is the right approach: it’s kinda violent, and the best thematic way of depicting “The Blast Off” without actually throwing glasses into the walls 🙂


Large glass:

Monster energy drink with crushed ice (and no other energy drink will do 🙂 )

Shot glass:

Overproof rum (brown/golden colour)

some kirschwasser

Blue Curacao, for adjusting colour (to turn it green)

Shot glass: shake ingedients with ice.

So, let’s pretend you’re Bruce Banner, a scientist: you’ll probably work all night long, the answer for the latest physical dilemma is just there, behind the corner…you’re so tired, you’ll grab the can of energy drink…

Unlike in Cannonball The Cocktail, you can fill the large glass with Monster all the way: drink it until there’s room for The Bomb…

My first version of The Incredible Hulk was a sort of a drinking game, The Green Giant getting angrier and angrier… The second one was kinda accident, still can’t decide if it’s Mysterio 2.0 or Hulk 2.0: anyway, it depicts the Hulk at the peak of his anger… and there’s even a mocktail…

…but there’s no decent depiction of the moment when Banner turns into Hulk: I realized this when thinking which characters would be good candidates for bomb shot template… and that’s how I ended up using especially Monster energy drink 🙂

So much for thematics, how about the taste? The base is non-alcohol, so overproof rum is obvious choice for creating “A Spike”; kirschwasser, with its stingy taste, “enhances” Monster just the right way. SImple and effective, I dare to say.

Next time: more summer drinks, without Monster.


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