Justice Society, part 2 (Brain wave, Hourman)

Continuing our series of JSA characters… and introducing one of their adversaries.


4 parts reposado tequila

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

2 to 3 parts extra dry vermouth

1 part Midori

Shake with ice and strain into an old fashioned glass with lots of ice in it… and since this cocktail depicts The Brain Wave, Henry King Sr., the ice should be in the shape of ice ball; no one can appreciate that huge bald dome enough 🙂

A while ago I had a surge of designing drinks utilizing reposado tequila, and as much as I personally enjoy that particular type of alcohol… enough is enough, with Blob and Radioactive Man I promised to give it a rest for a while…

…and here I am again with reposado. Can’t help it in this particular case: trying to depict The Massive Amounts Of Brain Energy just calls in reposado… with all the other ingredients that just seem to contradict each other, the resulting jumble is a real brain twister – a decent description of The Brain Wave.


6 parts dry white wine

2 parts bourbon

2 parts kirschwasser

1 part sarsaparilla syrup

Stir with ice and strain into a highball glass with some ice in it.

I decided to design this drink to represent the general idea of Hourman; not especially just father/son Tyler or android version.

How to represent “time” in cocktail? Especially 1 hour – 60 minutes, 3600 seconds – the concept so essential with Hourman? Fans might hate me, but I decided to go with the idea that the drink should take quite a while to finish; not necessarily the whole hour (well, depends on the size of the glass used), but at least it’s supposed to offer challenge for longer than few minutes.

Challenge, indeed… kirschwasser is the main factor here – adding a harsh element which prevents a quick ingestion. Also it doubles as a nod for android version – I used it for the same purpose in Metallo. Somehow I link kirschwasser’s taste with “metallic”, sure hope other drinkers find that association also.

I hope you like my take on Hourman… and if you’re interested in android cocktails, please check out Red Tornado and Vision.

Next time: more JSA.

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