Speed of Sound (Black Canary, Songbird)

Last time I promised more recipes using sparkling wine, so here we go. I don’t know why, but I feel that dry bubbly is perfect substance for representing sound: it has certain “clear, limpid and vigorous” attributes. Good Prosecco has many nuances; as do human’s voice… and some voices encompass more authority and more power than others.




Once again it’s time to use that good ol’ licorice vodka, it’s been a while. Instructions for manufacturing it can be found in my second post, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Bizarro. (wow, I just realized this is my 37th post!). It’s easy to prepare, and it blends well with Prosecco.

-3 parts licorice vodka

-2 (or more) parts simple syrup

-around 15 parts sweetened sparkling wine (check out how it’s done)

Pour chilled ingredients into champagne glass or coupe, stir gently.

In comic books Black Canary and Green Arrow are lovers, try alternating their cocktails… they’re different, but work well together.




(Credits for this recipe go to S. and her lapsus linguae)

Songbird is my favourite Thunderbolts member, she deserves her own cocktail. Her “solid sound”-superpower manifests in pink, so there’s the colour for the cocktail… but this recipe came into being through a slip of the tongue and instant association.

Me and my most famous Cocktail Test Subject S. were discussing about classic Champagne Cocktail and she was speculating replacing cognac with brandy… but insted of brandy she slipped “bourbon” and instantly I realized it’s a great combo, why didn’t I figure it out before?!?

Dry Prosecco and bourbon needed some “binding element”, and strawberry juice turned out to fit the part perfectly. Since the idea of this cocktail struck me as sudden lightning from bright sky it’s just fitting it’s named after Thunderbolts member… and as I said: bubbly is excellent for representing sound: Thunderbolts, sound… Songbird cocktail was born.

-2 parts bourbon (Jim Beam recommended)

-4 parts strawberry juice

-around 15 parts sweetened sparkling wine (check out how it’s done)

Pour chilled ingredients into champagne glass or coupe, stir gently.

As always… for strawberry juice use concentrate diluted with water 1:1 instead of recommended 1:3 or 1:4 or whatever.


That’s all, folks. Halloween is coming up, so I guess it’s time to introduce something sinister and scary. Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Speed of Sound (Black Canary, Songbird)”

  1. Yay! ;D I must admit that even though I’m not a huge fan of bourbon, I’d sure like to try the Songbird. The strawberry is actually the most interesting part of the drink – how does it work with bourbon..? I’ve been feeling a bit “cocktail hourish” lately, maybe I’ll give this one a go! 😀


    1. I’m not a huge fan of bourbon either, if it’s to be enjoyed straight up… but in cocktails it’s one of my favourite ingredients; go figure.
      I feel strawberry juice is the best “binding element” for Jim Beam and Prosecco, you can try other berry juices to find your own favourite. For example cherry juice: it’s okay, but bit too dominant in this case… so a published version uses strawberry.


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