Thunderbolts (Jolt, Meteorite)

The spring is on its way, but not quite here yet… time for zingy cocktails, this time getting inspiration from Thunderbolts. I’ve published only one T-bolts cocktail so far, Songbird, so I guess it’s about time to add couple of recipes to that lot.




2 parts Malibu

1 part licorice vodka

1 part red grenadine


3 parts Malibu

2 parts licorice vodka

2 parts red grenadine

Shake with ice and strain into a small old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

Licorice vodka, check out here how it’s done.

Helen Takahama was very young when she joined Thunderbolts (not aware of the group’s true nature at the time), so I thought her cocktail should have an appearance of “petite” or “nice little drink”… but that’s just the looks: the drink itself sure has a zesty taste, it really packs a punch, or in this case, a Jolt.

Jolt The Cocktail kicks you with a weird but satisfying combination of licorice and coconut… the combo certainly has certain “teenage booze” feel in it, adding a thematic bonus to the drink.

No more licorice vodka in the next drink, but I’ll hang onto the Malibu bottle…




2 parts cachaca (or some other sugar cane spirit with a strong taste)

2 parts Malibu

1 part banana liqueur (colourless or yellow)

dash (or two) red grenadine

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with cherry, maybe add small ice cube.

This cocktail isn’t about Valerie Barnhardt, it’s about Moonstone acting as Thunderbolts Meteorite. Dr. Karla Sofen, twisted evil psychologist getting her superpowers from mysterious alien gem.

This drink hits like, well, a meteorite… but I also tried to describe Dr. Sofen’s skills of subtle psychological manipulation, getting people to do what she wants… I balanced cachaca’s raw taste with a blend of coconut and banana, sealed with some added sweetness in the form of grenadine; combining raw power with cunning nuances.

Meteorite The Cocktail sure plays a role in Finnish spring: the weather is warm-ish, sun is shining but the summer definitely is not here yet, not even close… so you’ll need “strong medicine” to survive… but I will taste this again when the summer has finally reached The North: the drink sure has a lot of “tropical” aromas in it, I guess it tastes great during Summer Cocktail Party.


I’ll try to post new cocktails before before May Day… Hmm, 1st of May is also known as International Worker’s Day… so maybe I’ll combine superheroes/villains and the oppression of working class in my next post?


7 thoughts on “Thunderbolts (Jolt, Meteorite)”

  1. These sound like fine summer drinks, especially Meteorite. I would definitely try these! (just bought a golden pineapple shaker, btw… XD)


      1. Mwahahahah no, I really don’t. XD But that’s just the fun side effect of out tastings – I can do it all over again and still get surprised!!! Oh geez…


      2. Oh, wait, it must have been the other of the two I though might be spot on party drinks, the ones that made me laugh and giggle! Right..? 😀


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