Happy New Year, non-superhero style for a change (Bigoudi, Nefer)

Last time I promised a compilation containing all 150 cocktail recipes… [EDIT: updated compilations are available in Recipes and downloads]

I’m couple of weeks early, but Happy New Year anyway! This time I’m going to introduce two non-superhero cocktails using sparkling wine, appropriate for new year celebration. They’re both commissions, ordered from me for certain occasion or purpose.

NEW “RULE” CONCERNING SPARKLING WINE IN THIS BLOG: bubbly is a bit problematic ingredient. Recipe X tastes great with brand A but is disappointing with brand B, even though they contain the same amount of sugar. Frustrating, when I try to give you recipes that are supposed to be reproduced succesfully all around the world.

Finally I found an answer… let me introduce ingredient “sweetened sparkling wine”. 

Buy dry or extra dry sparkling wine. Before using it for cocktail add “a healthy dose of single syrup” and give it a gentle stir.

This way you can have both “the sting” of dry/extra dry bubbly and sufficient sugar percentage which makes sure your cocktails have a taste that I intended.

“Healthy dose” is up to you, but let’s say 5-10% of bubbly (some sweet-toothed Test Subjects even prefer around 15%). Quite a lot, I know… this stuff is unpalatable as it is, but believe it or not: this sweetened dry/extra dry bubbly works better in cocktails than ANY already sweet sparkling wine.

Finally Aquaman, Black Canary and Songbird work out fine no matter what bubbly brand you use!

But now, today’s cocktails!



Twirl a lemon peel into a champagne flute (looks great in a coupe or margarita glass, too).

5 parts sweetened sparkling wine

1 part bourbon

1 part Amaretto

Build into a glass, add some crushed ice.

This commission was given to me after an inside joke grew too big. Friends of mine started to “dream” about the life of alcoholic housewife whose husband is never home… “I would be wearing hair rollers and transparent morning gowns all the time. It would be great to be tipsy all day long and order useless stuff from shopping channels. It would be awesome never to clean the house or to do dishes or do this-and-that-and-that… but what would be the drink I saturate myself with all day, every day?”

“Bigoudi” is my answer 😀 We had really delightful evening while having grotesque fun, describing the ideal/miserable life of this theoretical housewife… well, I guess you had to be there. But the drink itself is very tasty (and treacherous), you should try it out.



Mix powdered sugar, grated lemon peel and spices. The scent of the spices is more essential than taste, so I recommend including eg. cinnamon in the mix. Rim champagne flute with the mix.

Pour some ice cold Kahlúa into the glass, straight from the freezer.

Gently stir with ice the following ingredients:

10 parts sweetened sparkling wine

3 parts Passõa

dash of Aperol

Carefully layer onto the top of Kahlúa. Add some crushed ice.

Option: Instead of rimming the glass you can skip the sugar and grated skin, just mix spices and sprinkle them on top of the drink. They stay on top of the ice, creating a desired scent (to “support” the taste of the drink)… and that scent is supposed to have “an Arabic feel”.

This drink recipe was ordered from me by an Arabic dance group (also known as “belly dancing”) who wanted to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

This was a tough nut to crack. I was given a lot of guidelines about what ingredients NOT to use, still the drink should reflect the mysticism of Arabic dance.

After countless misfires I ended up with recipe above… and they approved it, with popular uproar 😀

Sparkling wine: members of the group are women, and “naturally” all women love bubbly. Also, it’s suitable booze for a birthday.

Kahlúa: is there anything more Arabic than coffee?

Passõa and Aperol: nothing to do with Arabia, but they create interesting conflict (or “A Mystery” which was among desired elements) among themselves… and for a while with a bottom-of-the-glass-dessert Kahlúa when you finish the drink.

Spices: Their taste probably is not essential, but their scent is. I can’t say which I prefer more, rim or sprinkling the spices on top of the drink… find out your own favourite way.

That’s it, couple of non-superheroes for a change. As I said in the last post I’m slowing down the rate of publishing, I’ll be back in January… so it’s Happy New Year, everyone!

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