Couple of Bad Guys (Loki, Ultron)

Year 2020, January. No snow, everything is dark and grim. Good mindset to check out couple of baddies.




2 parts lager

1 part extra dry vermouth

up to 1/2 part Skittles Tequila or Strega

(Blue Curacao for adjusting colour to green)

Build into a suitable tankard, ice recommended.

Loki The Cocktail is “the evil version” of my first Thor cocktail: more “backstabbing elements” in this one… beware of the “hidden” alcohol content; you’ll taste the sting, but not the actual amount of ethanol.




Prepare a frappe: cool down suitable glasses in the freezer beforehand. Fill them with crushed/shaven ice, then quickly prepare the drink…

1 part De Kyuper Blueberry

1 part mezcal

(dash of kirschwasser, try first without it)

Shake ingredients vigorously with ice and strain into ice-filled glasses. Serve with a straw.

Oh, all those robots… Metallo, Red Tornado, Vision… but there is still room for one more. So, how to depict Ultron? Although Ultron is a high-tech creation with nuclear power supply, I decided to squeeze in “the exhaust fumes” in the form of smoky mezcal (as I did in Iron Patriot)…then create “weird and inhuman” conflict by adding something contradicting; De Kyuper’s Blueberry works nice, still keeping the colour “metal” (okay, transparent is the next best thing).

Add even more “synthetic” taste with a dash of Kirschwasser (essential element in Metallo The Cocktail) but beware: some Test Subjects think it ruins the unholy alliance of mezcal and Blueberry.

This isn’t a “puritan” frappe per se, so much non-liqueur booze in there… you might also enjoy Ultron The Cocktail in an old fashioned glass, with plenty of ice.

That’s it. More bleak winter cocktails next time 😀


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