Still Summertime! (Clayface, Rogue)

Today is the last time I’m gonna use my beloved Hawaii shirts as a background: not that I don’t like them, but that joke is getting pretty old.

On the other hand… this is the first time I’m publishing cocktails inspired by DC and Marvel characters in the same post. As I said earlier, I think “DC vs. Marvel”-fight is boring and pointless: mixing two publisher’s heroes’ drinks under the same heading is my way of building bridge between two “camps”. Let’s just enjoy the comics, huh?

So, it’s time for today’s recipes! Yes, it’s still warm, it’s still summer, there’s still room for one highball and one short glass.




Okay, what about Rogue? I guess her drink should include surprise element… “whose powers did she absorb this time?”  So I figured the recipe itself should be pretty simple, people should be able to vary the taste easily.

Rogue uses either cherry, raspberry or strawberry juice. I did testing with the same old formula: using high-quality organic concetrate, diluting with water 1:1 ratio insted of recommended 1:3 or 1:4. This is same method I use with every concetrate juice in my cocktails, hoping that readers around the world would be able to reproduce it.

Yes… “readers around the world“. I’m surprised and happy to get views all over the globe, thank you. I hope you don’t just read the recipes, try them; let’s get hammered, superhero style 😀

Hmm, so, we were preparing a drink…


Pour 1 part cherry, raspberry or strawberry juice and 2 parts extra dry vermouth into highball glass. Stir, add lots of ice.


Simple as that. I think raspberry works best with this one, and I’m gonna introduce you more raspberry and strawberry cocktails in next few posts. As delicious as cherry juice is, I think we’ve seen it enough for now… last time Magneto, Storm and Scarlet Witch in the post before that.

Next one will take little more effort to produce…




Remember how we soaked jelly beans in tequila to make Deadshot? This time we’ll use different candy…

Pour Skittles into glass jar and drown them in gold or reposado tequila. Cheap gold tequila will do, but it’s better to use reposado: I used Sauza Hornitos Reposado. Let the candy soak two hours, give the jar little shake now and then… and PLEASE HAVE FAITH IN ME: this will turn out delicious even if the contens of the jar will look DISGUSTING beyond belief!

Strain the muck. Tea strainer is okay, you do not need to frustrate yourself with filtering paper: it will get clogged anyway, and tea strained will filter the liquid sufficiently.


-6 cl (2 oz) Skittles-tequila

-6 cl orange juice

-1 egg white

Shake with ice and strain into suitable glass, add some ice. Deeee-licious!!!


Hey, all you people who loathe the idea of egg white in their drink… You can do this drink without egg, then it’s just equal parts skittles-tequila and orange juice. It will not taste as good but it’s still tasty, and it looks like this…




Skittles-tequila sure is yummy: maybe not when taken straight up, but as part of cocktail… I’ll make some experiments and bring you the results.

Take care, and don’t forget to enjoy the last of summer! 😀


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