Boy Wonder… grown up (Nightwing, Robin)

With the introduction of these two cocktails I’m able to introduce one more recipe compilation; Batman, his few allies and most importantly, his extensive Rogue Gallery… you’ll find it in Recipes and downloads.




3 parts vodka

4 parts port wine

1 part Kahlúa

Stir with ice and strain into cocktail glass.

This cocktail has brutal, yet somehow intriguing taste; I think it’s a decent representation of Nightwing. But let’s take a look at Dick Grayson before he ended up patrolling the back alleys of Blüdhaven…




2 parts Passõa

2 parts cranberry juice

1 to 2 parts gin

Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with something yellow and green: for example with lemon wedge and a sprig of mint.

In the case you didn’t guess it already… for cranberry juice please do not use pre-mixed juice drinks. I strongly recommed high quality concentrate diluted with water 1:1 ratio instead of recommended 3:1 or 4:1.

So this is The Boy Wonder Cocktail… original Robin truly was highly annoying thorn on Bat-adversaries’ side, so I decided to give his cocktail “an irritating taste”… Passõa and cranberry blend together in a weird way: mixture tastes good, but somehow it agitates you. And surprise surprise: more gin you add, less “irritating” the taste gets. So 1 part gin gives you annoying Boy Wonder at his fullest, 2 parts creates “more peaceful” result… I don’t recommend 3 or more parts gin, the whole idea of the cocktail begins to wash away with all that gin.

If you’re interested in cocktails where cranberry blends with other aromas, creating interesting results, you should check out eg. Man-Bat and The Punisher.

That’s about it. See you in a week or so 😀


6 thoughts on “Boy Wonder… grown up (Nightwing, Robin)”

  1. Boy Wonder – that’s a drink I’d try! 😀 Doesn’t sound too challenging (which is nice), yet it must have some character!


    1. Cranberry juice and Passõa blend together surprisingly well… there is “somewhat annoying edge” but the gin is there to cut it down to optimum.
      Yes, it’s true… the more you add gin to “Robin” the more it loses it’s “kick”… usually it’s the other way around.


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