50th Recipe!!! (Magneto, *Special Guest*)

I can’t believe it’s my 50th cocktail creation! I wonder if I ever make it to one hundred…

I guess it’s time to make some sort of PDF-compilation again, but it will have to wait to next post, or something. Now I’m too eager to present my “masculine drink with cherry”-idea, and of course that 50th recipe. This was supposed to be some sort of fancy “celebration post”, but unfortunately I had serious problems photographing today’s first drink… bear with me, at least the drink itself is really good!



SORRY FOR THE CRA**Y PICS! In real life the colour is pretty cool, sort of “cold purple”, but I just couldn’t photograph it right: it always turns out to look like dull gray-ish!


Pretty desperate measures trying to represent the colour as it is… I could have just photoshopped the colour, but that’s kinda cheating…

Okay, enough whining. I couldn’t produce decent picture, but I’m capable of giving you very good cocktail recipe! Magneto is STRONG character, so his drink is not for the faint of heart… but still, it is delicious. For the cherry juice I used concentrate diluted 1:1 with water instead of recommended 1:4, as I did in the last post.

-4 parts blanco tequila (preferably 100% puro de agave)

-1 part Green Chartreuse

-2 parts cherry juice

-red grenadine and Blue Curacao

Pour tequila, Chartreuse and cherry juice into transparent mixing jar. Add teaspoon of red grenadine, stir, and start adding Blue Curacao few drops at the time; stir and check out the result. If the liquid turns to brownish colour, add some grenadine and start adding Curacao again.

When you’re content with the colour (well, I can’t produce photo showing the desired result) pour the whole shebang into shaker: shake with plenty of ice and strain into chilled old fashioned glass with some ice in it.

If you’re getting tired of trying to get the colour right (it takes some practice to nail it), quit torturing yourself and shake it anyway… or if you’re okay with Magneto’s drink NOT being purple just ignore grenadine and Curacao, it will look like this…


I will not repeat myself by apologizing… this picture was taken hastily after previous photo-fiasco, I was angry… I didn’t set up no background, no special lightning… but that’s what Magneto looks like without any colour adjustment. You may want to add a dash of grenadine anyway, the drink needs little bit of sweetness to be just right.


And now it’s time for the 50th… he’s not DC nor Marvel character… he’s not even a superhero… actually he hunts them.



“I’m a hero hunter. I hunt heroes. Haven’t found any yet.”

After a hard day’s work San Futuro Police Department’s Special Operative drinks a glass of “milk”.

-2 parts of blanco tequila (you can survive without 100% puro de agave)

-2 parts Amaretto di Saronno

-2-3 parts coconut milk

-1-2 parts simple syrup

Shake with ice and strain into highball glass, add some ice. Weep for Lynn’s death.

Until next time! …gotta learn to take photos…


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